Just need an advice.

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Re: Just need an advice.

Postby GRAU » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:59 am

tried LZDoom once more. so.. yes, truecolor fixes palete problems but removes the pretiness of picture with it. and more interesting thing. i had the same fps prolems as on gzdoom gs, but! looks like that is not caused by dynlights. dynlights theyselve are even faster then in qzdoom. i had up to 30-40 fps on pentium4 but i cant found then why ik got so heavy fps loses on map01 of my Tormention Hour. the most believeable versionm is that fps losers are caused by voxels( when i tewsted maps with no objects in frame i got up to 80 fs on pentium 4 or 50-60 with dynlight "in my hand" - handlantern light source. one small voxel makes the fps drop to 40-50fps. but looking at 3-4 voxels with resolution 24x7x7 (candeliers) results to 5-6 fps. so i'm sure that the old voxel rendering code was better. i'm not too good at programming to understand why it was not good for graf or one of you, what's wrong with direct 3d canvar. Oh, one more thing. softpoly renderer works better now. faster. i'd say its cool if it had no problem with voxels palete. in QZ it had not, but was a bit slower, and it still has problems with rendering polyobject l.ine (action 5 in gzdoom builder)
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Re: Just need an advice.

Postby dpJudas » Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:07 am

The voxel speed difference has to do with how it queues and draws the spans. You can keep typing here all you want about how it shouldn't be happening. Unless you're going to invest personal time in research and coding the improvement it will stay slow.
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