GZDoom, Blurred vision.

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Re: GZDoom, Blurred vision.

Postby Graaicko » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:19 pm

gramps wrote:Heh, try harder guys!

Funny story. I used to mess with this stuff way back when, looked at gzdoom, saw that filtering, couldn't immediately figure out how to turn it off, and stuck with zdoom for *years* without giving gzdoom another look. Just because of the filtering.

I know what you mean. I actually fixed it. after finding it in the redundant amount of settings. In my opinion there are WAY too many, too many we may not actually need.
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Re: GZDoom, Blurred vision.

Postby De-M-oN » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:01 am

Never use the Texture Filter alone. Then it is indeed very blurry.
Combine it with the Resize Filters like HQ4x MMX, or xBRZ etc.

Then it is BY FAR less blurry, because of the resize done by the resizer ;)

On a 30" screen which even doesnt meet 4:3 aspect ratio, I wouldnt want to see nearest neighbor scaling. It would be a hell of aliasing. On these tiny monitors back then the aliasing was by far not that bad compared to a native big resolution screen (2560x1600) with nearest neighbor upscaling.
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