Control issues with D-Touch/GZD 1.8.6 and 2.1pre

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Control issues with D-Touch/GZD 1.8.6 and 2.1pre

Postby ShockwaveS08 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:45 pm

Been having consistent issues with my wireless gamepad when running resource-intensive mods on my Android device...

The main one being that both analog sticks randomly shut down while playing certain game/mod combinations, like WADSmooshed Doom and D4T: Death Foretold v2.1. All other inputs still work, but it leaves me extremely vulnerable to running off of cliffs and straight into a hostile ambush, or getting frozen in place while a bunch of Pinkys and Spectres feast on my immobile corpse.

Here's the config file, please let me know what CVARs I need to correct so I can get back to ripping and tearing huge guts!

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