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DXDiag/MSInfo reports

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:40 pm
by Rachael
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Rachael wrote:There are times your system information may be needed. GZDoom uses OpenGL 3D acceleration, which is prone to hardware or driver issues. If your driver is suspect, we will need to identify the exact make and model of your computer and/or the exact make and model of the driver and video card powering your system.

Additionally, information about your GZDoom version is needed, as well.

Spoiler: How to export DXDiag and MSInfo

Spoiler: Where to get the GZDoom version number

Additionally, all information about what wads you are using, where they can be obtained, or a sample copy, is required for all custom content - even if it is autoloaded, and even if it has worked fine before.

If you can pin down the issue that is causing the problem, then submitting a copy of a stripped-down wad that reproduces the problem in question by itself, without requiring anyone to download hundreds of megs of stuff, would be helpful.