Player's footsteps sound is missing

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Player's footsteps sound is missing

Postby Terrarian51 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:35 am

I have encountered a bug when playing GzDoom 3.7.2.
The Brutal Doom Black Edition 3.1d Final addon and Ultimate Doom Visor HUD 2.12b were launched by me together through ZDL.
Title screen of Brutal Doom was broken right after launching, while a fight between Doomguy and monsters had started.
After starting a game footsteps sounds were missing, as i noticed.
There is a conflict between the next files: the UDV_base.pk3 and the BDBEv3.1dFinal.pk3.
Any help would be appreciated. Screenshot link is here: [url][Imgur/url]
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Operating System: Windows Vista/7 64-bit
Graphics Processor: nVidia (Modern GZDoom)

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