Looking to deathmatch!

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Looking to deathmatch!

Postby tarrasqueslayer » Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:20 pm

Hey, does anybody still play this? I'm looking to find a few people who are down to shoot each other on a semi regular basis. I've been playing DOOM for over a decade and a half and at one point made my way up to #14 on the Xbox Live circuit. Honestly I would have been higher but for 2 major problems with their ranking system- the first being that when people ragequit, you don't get the kills you've racked up against them, and the second being that modding was rampant and apparently not considered important enough to do anything about. If I remember correctly, the #6 player in my day was "The Doom Modder" and the #1 had edited his profile to give himself 10,000 kills and no deaths.

Also: I'm using Doom Launcher.

Email me: tarrasqueslayer@yahoo.com

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