First results from the 4.7.0 survey

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Re: First results from the 4.7.0 survey

Postby drfrag » Sun Sep 26, 2021 8:41 am

What are you talking about? To compile for WinXP you have to use the old 7.1A Windows SDK. Have you ever done it?
Also the toolset was dropped after 2017 anyway like Graf said.
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Re: First results from the 4.7.0 survey

Postby Rachael » Sun Sep 26, 2021 9:42 am

Apeirogon wrote:To clarify, CRT in this context is a "C RunTime", not "Cathode Ray Tube". Visual Studio still support it, I hope/think.

He knows that...
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Re: First results from the 4.7.0 survey

Postby Apeirogon » Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:38 am

Rachael wrote:He knows that...

I didnt know that.
I spent around a minute wondering "how MVS is detects that computer uses CRT monitor instead of LCD monitor and why is it matter".

Maybe for programmer with big experience its obvious what does it mean here, but for electrician its not.
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Re: First results from the 4.7.0 survey

Postby Graf Zahl » Sun Oct 03, 2021 6:59 am

Here's some more comprehensive numbers, from roughly 6700 distinct users, in parentheses the numbers from 4.2.0 with roughly 2000 users:

2.5 % of users report the Softpoly renderer, 0.5% on 32 bit, 2% on 64 bit. But I think it is a fair assessment to assume that like with all other such legacy features, the majority has capable modern hardware, but unlike the other categories there is no way to filter it out here due to lack of information. For the remaining numbers these are being excluded.

1.3% used the GLES renderer on a system it was made for. The majority of users of such systems still used the full GL renderer instead - and the majority of GLES users used it on Vulkan capable hardware... :?
85% (79%) use Vulkan compatible hardware.
6.4% (11%) use hardware which can run OpenGL with all features enabled but cannot run Vulkan. Note: The actual number may be up to 1% lower, but many Intel GPUs cannot be conclusively identified here.
7.6% (10.6%) use legacy hardware which requires fallback solutions in the renderer and only has limited support for some features. Note: I had to take out Mac users here because their broken GL support falsifies the information to a significant degree by now.

1% (1.3%) use a real 32 bit system.

76% (69%) use a system with 4 CPU cores and more - among the Vulkan compatible systems this is 82% (no change).

7.9% (6.0%) use Linux.
2.5% (2.5%) use macOS, 2% with Intel CPUs, 0.5 with Apple M1 (yes, that's 1/5th after less than a year of its existence!)

So a few of the weird numbers corrected themselves again, but the anomaly with legacy OpenGL systems was at least partially explained by macOS having deprecated OpenGL at 4.1, this meant that the entirety of non-M1 Mac users was falling into this segment, but with the shrinking number of legacy hardware was becoming far more significant than two years ago. Since I had no desire to sort these manually I calculated the average without Mac numbers, and now it makes a lot more sense than before. I remember having done this manually last time for 4.2.0 but it's clearly not worth the effort.
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