Some minor SFX fixes

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Some minor SFX fixes

Post by Tesculpture »

These are a pair of patches that fix a couple of issues with vanilla Doom's sound effects. They should be safe to stick in autoload; neither replace any actors and shouldn't conflict with any mods. One does work via ZScript though, so will need modern GZDoom.

They are:
cgun_soundfix - Changes vanilla Chaingun Commados and Wolfenstein SS to use the Pistol/Chaingun firing SFX instead of the Shotgun one. This is done via a SNDINFO edit.

vilefire_soundfix - Uses ZScript to fix the issue mentioned here regarding A_StartFire. Basically, Archvile flame is supposed to have two sound effects; an initial whoomph (vile/firestrt), then the crackling I'm sure we have all learnt to fear (vile/firecrkl). With this fix, the initial missing sound effect will finally work. Note this will also cause any actor inheriting from ArchvileFire to make the sound upon spawning.

>>>Download cgun_soundfix<<<

>>>Download vilefire_soundfix<<<
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Re: Some minor SFX fixes

Post by Finder153 »

Nice! Something you might want to add, I've read on the Cutting Room Floor a sound named DSSWTCHX was supposed to play when deactivating a switch, but doesn't due to a coding issue. Can you fix that?
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Re: Some minor SFX fixes

Post by Talon1024 »

DSSWTCHX can be heard when pressing a level exit switch, or leaving a menu.

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