Freedoom live lizard baby mod

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Freedoom live lizard baby mod

Post by Matt »

Fixes one issue I've always had with the Keen replacement: since the original sprite is for an inert corpse, the critter that you break out of the tube is stuck in a completely motionless inert state.

Now the critter can blink, teleport, travel to another part of the map and appear when you're not expecting it, and even shuffle along the ground a bit.

The lizard baby doesn't actually do anything so (unless some map out there is really, really picky about the Keen replacement's hitbox size and the timing of the A_KeenDie call) it shouldn't really affect any gameplay stuff.
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Re: Freedoom live lizard baby mod

Post by HorrorMovieRei »

This is equal parts the cutest and funniest thing I've seen done for Freedoom

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