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Dr_Cosmobyte Ambience Sounds!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:18 pm
by Dr_Cosmobyte
While doing some things and editing scripts for my latest mod, Nightshift, i added some ambient sounds that played at random, just like in the original mod that inspired it, Harder Event. However, the ambient sounds would sometimes give the game small freezings and lags, maybe because many played at random or just because my notebook couldn't handle it. So instead of integrating them with the game, i decided to make it as a separate patch, so players wouldn't be prejudiced by the lag inputs and therefore the gameplay could run smooth.

This patch does nothing more than play some random ambient sounds and add a "machinery" sound in the distance, to give the scenarios a more natural feel. I had this idea after playing the BD Map enhancer and noticing that some parts of the map had their own sounds. So recycled the same Rat script from Nightshift and added sounds of my choice.

Credits go to:

TerminusEst13: The basis for the ACS code. Please ask his permission as i did, instead of putting the charge on me!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (all ambient sounds)
Resident Evil 1 - 2 Machinery sounds
Silent Hill 1 - The other 2 Machinery sounds


No Screenshots because it's a sound patch, duh.


Re: Dr_Cosmobyte Ambience Sounds!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:03 pm
by r&r