Neural Smooth Doom (Update L IV E)

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Re: Neural Smooth Doom (Update L IV E)

Postby Kazudra » Tue May 11, 2021 4:47 am


The Center of this Next Update are as Followed (in no particular order);
Smooth Monsters no longer conflict with Vanilla and DSFix; This allowed me to add a Vanilla option towards monsters. Variants of older Smooth Doom are seeing a resurface, most of the hit-scanners require updates before they are ready but so far Imps blend in quite well. I've been experimenting with layering actors to achieve a specific look; All projectiles now have a normal layer on-top of an Add layer (This will require the "Zdoom" Render without the inverse sort Compatability) as well as plenty of effects Updated from Smooth Doom 2.0. Upscales (which have been re-worked) and Brightmaps will be intended to be all-in-one to place later in the load order thus making both completely optional... speaking of; There will be a Vanilla Sounds version released alongside this next update.

There will be, however some drastic re-workings of what CAN be changed and expanded, Today I fully re-introduce the Rebalanced mode. Initially I wanted to make a ball-busting mode akin to Shadow Warrior or Blood... That didn't happen. The challenge I ended up refining from testing is much, much more fair... It's still very difficult and punishing, Not meant to be combined with Fast-monsters (but you can and I've not tested it so best of luck with that). I guess I'll touch up on the line-up;
Zombieman - Now the most accurate shot no.2 to the player, and will be faster to pull the trigger. You don't wanna give this guy an open shot in the open. Turning Rifle mode on then gives him a 3-shot burst.
Shotgunguy - Fires slighly more accurate, faster, and given a real Shotgun (3 pellets -> 7 pellets) . You seriously do not want this guy to get a close-range shot on you.
Chaingunguy - He only fires just a small bit more accurate; I'm not trying to make Plutonia impossible.
Imp - Aside from Firing faster projectiles, nothing needed.
Pinky/Spectre - Retaining their fast bite from the initial rebalance, they've been made 50% faster (Still slower than fast-monsters but still fast enough to gain on you and corner if not careful).
Cacodemon - Tomato boy will dodge sporadically, Keeping his faster projectiles. If you thought E4M2 was bad enough, I'm sorry.
Lost Soul - They were given some dodging, all that's needed :)
Baron of Hell - Virtually unchanged from original rebalance, it's solid. The varied volley of baron-balls is enough to elevate him.
Hell Knight - He's not gonna have what Baron has, so he's gonna charge in faster. still sporting faster projectiles as well.
Arachnotron - These babies now sport a faster firing rate and a secondary 5-burst shot that matches the speed of your own Plasma Rifle.
Pain Elemental, Revenant, Mancubus, and Arch-Vile - Absolutely nothing changed; they are a challenge enough.
SS - Also nothing, the most replaced monster in the roster.
The Cyber-demon - Given 3 Attacks; a 4-shot volley, a 6-shot; 2-shot burst volley, and a 3-shot burst all varied slightly in speed. the first is manageable but the later two will leave you in chunks if you're not paying attention.
The Spider Mastermind - Fire-Rate Reduced, x3 Multiplier stripped, Keeps Original Spread but with Vertical Spread added. Oh yeah I forgot she shoots Super Shotgun Rounds, no big deal. Fighting her head-on is obvious suicide. Super Shotgun Gibbing also allows her to Gib the player.

Special Attributes; The Rifle in Rebalance mode. ~"Finally, I found it a purpose"
The Rifle is now a 3-Shot burst with high accuracy and high drop-off re-fire spread.
This makes it a good choice to pick off enemies one-by-one and Sniping, It's a decent work-horse that doesn't devalue the sheer spray-and-pray carnage of the chaingun.

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