Xbox style animated M_DOOMs for Doom 1/2/Complete

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Re: Xbox style animated M_DOOMs for Doom 1/2/Complete

Postby Kazudra » Thu Oct 28, 2021 11:18 pm

EmperorGrieferus wrote:
Enjay wrote:I'd still be interested to know where that NEWDOOMA message is coming from though. I had a quick look inside the ANIMDEFS for Smooth doom and it looks like this:
Code: Select allExpand view
texture optional M_SKULL1
   pic NEWSKULA tics 12
   pic NEWSKULB tics 3
   pic NEWSKULC tics 3
   pic NEWSKULD tics 3
   pic NEWSKULC tics 3
   pic NEWSKULB tics 3

So, no NEWDOOMA, but the naming system is similar. Could it be an older version, or NEWDOOMA is hidden elsewhere inside Smooth Doom?

I put it in my version of Smooth Doom. So, there's no such files in older versions, but I indeed used skull sprite names for inspiration

Nah, So far I've only seen 2 Smooth Doom builds that adopted this and both Authors of em are in this post.
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