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Dj Redlight's Doom Remix Pack

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:50 pm
by Dynamo
Hello. I have chosen to upload two music packs that I've had on my computer for well over 15 years now, and which, as far as I'm aware, are not readily downloadable on the internet. Combined, this music pack contains the entirety of the Doom 1 and Doom 2 soundtracks remixed using a variety of styles, from piano pieces to electronica to heavy metal. This was all done by Ashley Carr, aka dj redlight, a talented musician from Australia. These are quite old, and I'm fairly certain dj redlight ended up revisiting some of the doom tracks for brand new remixes, not to mention his original work and ocremix contributions. Sadly, dj redlight passed away in 2016, just before he was about to release a commercial album. The news greatly saddened me when I found out, as a lot of these tracks, as well as some of Ashley's other work, hold massive nostalgic value for me as I started listening to this very pack at exactly the same time I got back into playing Doom at around 2004-2005. To this day, I think many of these remixes are among the best I've heard for the games, and stand as a testament to his true passion and vision as a musician and as a Doom fan. While his websites are long gone, his youtube and ocremix pages are still available and well worth checking out.

The package includes the original .txts it came with, but it is not exactly meant to be ready to be immediately played in-game, because for obvious reasons it does not replace every single MIDI due to the fact Doom tunes play in more than one level. It should be very easy to change it in such a way that it does though. I am here to make sure that these great tracks, and by extension the author's legacy, are not lost to time in case all of my hard drives die. I do think some level designers could find these useful if they've never heard them before, and others can just enjoy listening to well made Doom remixes.

Get it here.

Find out more about Ashley's life and work in this nicely written tribute post, including the rest of his non-Doom related music, well worth checking out.

Rest in peace, Ashley Carr.