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"Universal" fade-to-black on death

PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:45 am
by Caligari87
This is a small visual mutator that makes the player's screen fade to black upon death. The speed/time of the fade is randomized, and partially depends on how much "extra" damage the player takes. i.e, a low-damage killing blow will usually result in a relatively slow fade, but a high-damage hit will be more likely to "instakill" the player straight to a black screen.

I've implemented this in a fairly compatible fashion using an event handler and inventory item. "Universal" is in quotes because it may not work 100% if other loaded mods use custom SetBlends on the player after/during death, or mess with normal death/inventory handling for the playerpawn. In theory it should be multiplayer-compatible but this has not been tested.

Pre-packed .PK3 file attached for convenience. Code is hosted as a Github Gist and should be easy to pack/download from there if desired. I have no plans to actively "develop" this mini-mod (features, compatibility, etc) but may make some tweaks from time to time. Requires ZScript and GZDoom v4.1 at least, I have no interest in porting to or supporting ACS, DECORATE, or older engine versions.

Github Gist

Known issues
  • Respawning before the fade completes may result in the fade continuing until it's done. Vision will be restored after that.
  • The fade sometimes "flickers off" right as it completes, before dropping to full black.