Subtle Lighting

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Subtle Lighting

Postby Kazudra » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:17 am

Started off as a mini-mod directed towards Lava glow, ended up being a re-interpretation of a PSX Lighting mod.

Also, This is my first mod! YAY! It always starts with messing around with Slade, doesn't it?

Lighting has been sourced from the textures themselves, Aiming to bring in just a little more lighting and Color without over-doing it. Due to the plethora of Red Lighting options I've decided to add 2 flats for blue to add contrast. Lava varies in glow color while RRock8-5(and Slime12-09) have a breathing effect. This does mean that maps that use darkness (like Sigil) remain unaffected, and I do say, While it looks a bit like an art-house in Doom1, Doom2 looks amazing.

And Here's the Screenshots!


Smooth Doom, Smooth Textures, brightmaps_plus(disabled sprites and Nuke glows), Sprite Shadows, Fullscreen Huds, and Cathy's Ray Tube were all used together with this mod to produce these Screenshots.

Download Version 1.0 Here!
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Re: Subtle Lighting

Postby MFG38 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:45 am

I'm not so sure I'd call some of these effects subtle, but they definitely breathe some new life into the familiar visuals. Overall, not bad. :D
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Re: Subtle Lighting

Postby Buckethell II » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:56 pm

I'm using this mod with DarkDoomZ and it looks awesome, it adds a nice color flavour to the maps, very fitting in a lot of contexs
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