bestHUDever - Needs work, but it really is.

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bestHUDever - Needs work, but it really is.

Postby Tribble » Tue May 07, 2019 2:48 pm


bestHUDever 0.0

And... my First Post!

Okay, I wrote this little HUD up a long time ago and I meant to fix it up enough to release one day, but having completed it enough to work for me, I never did. Here I am years later and I'm just going to post it. Hopefully this might get me back into playing with doom modding enough to fix this thing, but at the very least I'd like to know that the design is out there in case anyone else wants to flesh it out.

I _HATED_ having my health and stats all over the sides of my screen. I wanted it bottom center, right under your weapon, and after a little tinkering I got this. Small, simple, functional, very DooM-y. All the numbers are color coded and just barely outside your field of vision in a way that you'll always know where your stats are at. Long story short, she looks great and is a perfectly functional user interface.


- I wrote it for Brutal Doom v20, with compatibility for classic DooM. Does not play well with v21 or the modern version of gzdoom, needs rework
- Has no support for deathmatch, etc.
- Supports Doom 1 and 2, none of the other games
- I got it to work on my copy on my screen, no guarantees about yours.


- Need to look up the variables to rework it
- Add kills/frags to this, IDK if that's possible (the scripting for the sbar is odd and IIRC one can only do so much with a status bar)
- Get working with BDv21? Other major mods?
- I would -NOT- release this on a mods page until it's been fixed up, like, a lot.
- Ideas, thoughts, anyone?


In your gzdoom.ini file look for the doom wad auto-load and add the following:
Code: Select allExpand view

Or, drag'n'drop onto your exacutable. Whatevs. Maximize your screen with the + key until you're in full screen, and you ought to see it.

I place this into the public domain, 'cuz that's how I roll.

Hope somebody finds some use in this. :)
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