Metal Slug MashUp (Mega Addon Music)

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Metal Slug MashUp (Mega Addon Music)

Postby Blux001 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:32 am

You search Nostalgia this mod adds what you are looking for !, implements all the music of the Metal Slug saga.
-Metal Slug
-Metal Slug 2
-Metal Slug 3
-Metal Slug 4
-Metal Slug 5
-Metal Slug 6
-Metal Slug 7
-Metal Slug X
-Metal Slug Advance
+ Metal Slug 1st Mission [Alternate Mod]
+ Metal Slug 2nd Mission [Alternate Mod]

Implements new songs that replace the DOOM originals in the maps:

So you can use the option of [Default Song] in the options part and customize controls so you can listen to the most appropriate songs to those maps ...

*Mod specifications:
+No longer implements cursor
+No Add Mugshot
+Add Difficulties
+Add backgrounds(intermission, final boss, start game, console,etc)
+Custom Sounds
+No Hero Voice
+ Added Option to show the name of the song(Console or message HUD)
+And more that you should discover

You can combine this mod with a wad music pack! : D in case you get bored you use the Default Song (Option / Control) and you can listen to the music as DOOM Metal Volume 4, F4 Music, Etc...

Download Link in the description of this video:
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Re: Metal Slug MashUp (Mega Addon Music)

Postby BradmanX » Sat Mar 02, 2019 2:15 pm

It's always nice to see more music mods, especially a randomizer for something like Metal Slug music :D
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