TNT Music - Tracks by Rengoku-Teien

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TNT Music - Tracks by Rengoku-Teien

Postby DustedPandemonic » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:16 pm

TNT Music is a simple mod that aims to replace all of the Doom 2 tracks and some of the tracks in TNT that play more than once. MAP14's, 20's, and the other original songs still exist in their same map slot. Meanwhile MAP01/09's track now belongs to MAP01, as is MAP08/27/30's now belongs to MAP27, and more. Only intended to be played with TNT, but there's nothing stopping you from using it with other Doom 2 WADs as well (some tracks just won't be replaced).

All of the new tracks are composed by Rengoku-Teien (Purgatory Garden) and can be found on their website:
All tracks will be found in the website's rock, metal, and orchestra genres in the MIDI section (possibly a couple other genres as well, I couldn't keep track).

Complete song list is below, with their respective MIDI filenames from the website!
Code: Select allExpand view
D_COUNTD : Buta-bako Iki (b-bako.mid)
D_DDTBLU : Bikō No Tochū De Rāmen-ya (bikou.mid)
D_IN_CIT : Kill Me Again (kma.mid)
D_DEAD : GyakutaiKansatu22zi (gyakukan.mid)
D_THEDA2 : Hisohiso (hiso2.mid)
D_DOOM2 : Jinkaku Sōko (jinkaku.mid)
D_RUNNI2 : JJB5C (jjb5c.mid)
D_STLKS3 : Impulse (impulse.mid)
D_SHAWN2 : Yomei 18-byō (yomei18.mid)
D_COUNT2 : Ouka.Kokushou (oukak.mid)
D_AMPIE : SakkonHannya (sakkon_gm.mid)
D_THEDA3 : Bōsō hīrō Morioka Yoshitsugu (82) (bhmy82.mid)
D_ADRIAN : Rengoku Teien e Yōkoso (welcome.mid)
D_MESSG2 : Nichiyōbi no Terorisuto (tero.mid)
D_TENSE : TokiNoGekirin (togeki_gm.mid)
D_SHAWN3 : Kamihenobōtoku (khb_gm.mid)
D_OPENIN : KimyouEturaku (kimyo_gm.mid)
D_ULTIMA : Haimu (haimu.mid)

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Re: TNT Music - Tracks by Rengoku-Teien

Postby YukesVonFaust » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:13 am

damn, this looks hot!
if you ever do plutonia or any other music mod, will you replace tracks with the ones from maoudamashii?
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Re: TNT Music - Tracks by Rengoku-Teien

Postby namsan » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:50 am

Ah, Rengoku-Teien? I didn't expect to see that name in this forum.
I can remember midi songs of Rengoku-Teien were used by tons of Japanese freeware games, especially in early 2000s.
I feel nostalgia.
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Re: TNT Music - Tracks by Rengoku-Teien

Postby SiFi270 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:48 am

I've been watching a D2ALL demo with this loaded up to Baron's Den, and so far the only ones I'm not sure about are Map32's music, which sounds like it was made for a wintery level, and not just because of the brief sleigh bells, and Map17, which sounds like something from a Castlevania game, which doesn't really suit a techbase. Map19 does have a similar-ish song, but I feel it works better there because it's more somber and drives the point home that something terrible happened before you got here. Map17 on the other hand feels considerably more alive despite being populated with the same zombies and demons, which may be because it was originally intended for Master Levels.
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