DOOM, but every sound is my voice (including the music)

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DOOM, but every sound is my voice (including the music)

Postby jewellds » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:47 am

What is this?
JewellVoice is a Doom modification that replaces every sound effect with my voice. Similar WADs have been done before, but I took it a step further by creating a SoundFont that makes every instrument my voice as well!

Because... April Fools. It still counts if it's the evening where I live. Right? RIGHT?

How long did this take?
A month, give or take. Most of that was spent on creating the soundfont.

The project comes with two files - a vanilla compatible WAD file, and a SF2 soundfont that needs to be loaded through a software synthesiser such as SynthFont.

They have been packaged separately due to the soundfont's large filesize, or for those that only want the sound wad.

Google Drive - WAD SF2
Dropbox - WAD SF2

For best results, I'd advise a sourceport that has FluidSynth built in, such as GZDoom or Prboom-Plus. Detailed instructions in the spoiler:

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Re: DOOM, but every sound is my voice (including the music)

Postby RikohZX » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:15 pm

Somehow, your soundfont actually makes the game more eerie. Also, with the 3.3.0 release, GZDoom can change soundfonts in-game. All you have to do in FluidSynth's case is go down to the Midi Player Options and you can pick your font in there instead of the config alterations of old.
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Re: DOOM, but every sound is my voice (including the music)

Postby jewellds » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:46 am

Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that since I haven't downloaded 3.3.0 yet. Once I give it a try, I'll update my instructions.
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Re: DOOM, but every sound is my voice (including the music)

Postby wildweasel » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:40 am

Back around 2002, my brother and I did a project a bit like this - we'd called it "Doom: From Our Mouths" (though I always thought the original title was funnier, Doom: In Your Mouth). Admittedly we cheated with a bunch of the sounds and I for some reason decided to slap together a DEH patch that just changed all the pickup messages and nothing else.

Your mod goes way above and beyond what we did 16 years ago. I must absolutely commend you for your efforts. I mean, not only for sticking to your guns on the whole mouth-noise thing instead of cheating and using post-processing and stock sounds, but for doing the soundfont as well. That's insane. That's my kind of insane. Thumbs way up.
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