Genuine Super Shotgun v1.3

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Genuine Super Shotgun v1.3

Postby Sanctions » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:52 am


An old fashioned full-sized 12ga side-by-side shotgun at your service (Brutal Doom Only).

Some of the frames used:


I think it's been quite a while since we didn't have any decent SSGs at our service? You're welcome to relive your most favorite Brutal Doom moments with this one, modelled off a real IZH-43 double-barrelled shottie. I've tried my best with the sprite frames in terms of quality and detalization, it's all as realistic as possible, even the unloading frames include extraction, just like it is IRL, however, I know that some things might be done even better, there are plans on eventual enhancements in the future. Hope you enjoy the add-on.


Put "SSG.pk3" file from inside the archive into your Brutal Doom folder, make sure it's placed at the end of the cmd line, no matter what it would be containing already. Example: C:\ent\bdoom\zandronum.exe "BrutalDoomdv21Beta.pk3" "ADAMP.pk3" "SSG.pk3"

*Version 1.3 change-log*

•Reloading sequence is now is as realistic as possible! Doomguy manually extracts the shells from the chambers and throws them away, just like it is actually supposed to be happening!
•Better fingers on various frames
•Even smoother frame positioning
•Even better world model

*V1.3 Demonstration*
YouTube link:

External download link:

P.S. You may use this package freely anywhere you want, I'm not against that at all.
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Re: Genuine Super Shotgun v1.3

Postby Blue Shadow » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:44 am

Could you shrink the size of the screenshot at the top? I've already taken care of the rest, so it's only that one.
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