Doom 64 graphics only (Skins folder friendly)

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Doom 64 graphics only (Skins folder friendly)

Postby HorrorMovieRei » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:12 pm

>>>DOOM 64 GUNS<<<
>>>DOOM 64 GRAPHICS<<<(monsters, items, etc)

By abusing GZDoom's ability to load high resolution graphics over sprites/textures, I have created a skins folder-friendly Doom 64 graphics patch. Sure, it's a roundabout, hacky way that bloats filesize, but hey. It werks(sic).

>Will you be making a version that uses the improved reload animations?
Yes, eventually. While I prefer the default, quake-like animations, I know that a lot of people prefer the improved ones that many Doom 64 mods use.

>Why didn't you use Brutal Doom 64's Revenant/Mastermind?
With all due respect, but that Revenant looks terrible. The mastermind, I actually liked. Problem is that the death animation is botched to hell(you probably can't notice it under the clouds of gibs it spews upon death).

>Why didn't you replace the Archvile with the Mother Demon?
I tried to make it work, but it didn't. The Archvile has waaay too many frames. Until someone models an actual Doom 64-styled archvile and makes sprites out of it, I don't think there's any fitting substitute. (*WINK WINK* TO ALL YOU MODELERS OUT THERE)

Lo and behold, laggy footage of me playing that one Metroid mod, but with Doom 64 enemies. (No actors were edited)

Midway - Doom 64
Kaiser - Doom 64 EX
Footman - Chaingunner sprite, Mastermind sprite
Amuscaria - Revenant Sprite
Blastfrog - Archvile attack sound
DrDoctor - Lots of decoration sprites
Horror Movie Guy - Compiled everything, made the 'live stick' sprite
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