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Good Ol' HUD (v3)

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:45 am
by tehvappy50
This is a full screen only HUD I've been working on since (I believe) May 2015. It somehow sprung into existence while I was messing around with an old computer out of nostalgia. And that, combined with inspiration and the challenge of using only SBARINFO, resulted in this interesting experiment called the Good Ol' HUD (how generic!). And as GZDoom and QZDoom are updated, I've been making use of SBARINFO's recent features.

This HUD is compatible with Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and Chex Quest.

The HUD's design is really simple, but it has most (if not all) of the details a standard HUD needs, and then some.

[spoiler=Features and Console Variables]Features:
  • Colored ammo bars and text depending on what ammo types are used.
  • An icon for the berserk powerup and your current armor.
  • Everyone's favorite mugshot.
  • Powerup timers.
  • The name of the player.
  • A weapon bar.
  • The actual armor value for Hexen.
  • The name of your currently equipped weapon.
  • The damage absorption percentage of your current armor.
  • Colored health bar and text when you're invulnerable.
  • An oxygen timer.
  • Stamina and accuracy stats for Strife.
  • A coin counter for Strife.
  • A different bar shape (which can be toggled).
  • A timer that shows how long you've been in a level/hub.

Console Variables:
  • goh_showberserk (default: true) - Shows the berserk powerup icon.
  • goh_showarmortype (default: true) - Shows the icon of your current armor. Doesn't have an effect in Hexen.
  • goh_showmugshot (default: true for Doom and Chex Quest, false for every other IWAD) - Shows the mugshot. Only has an effect in Doom and Chex Quest.
  • goh_showpoweruptimers (default: true) - Shows the powerup timers.
  • goh_showplayername (default: true) - Shows the player name.
  • goh_showweaponbar (default: true) - Shows the weapon bar.
  • goh_showarmorclass (default: false) - Shows the armor class value instead of the actual armor value. Only has an effect in Hexen.
  • goh_showweaponname (default: true) - Shows the weapon name.
  • goh_showarmorsavepercent (default: true) - Shows your current armor's damage absorption percentage. Doesn't have an effect in Hexen.
  • goh_colorhealthoninvuln (default: true) - Changes the color of the health bar and text while you're invulnerable (orange for Heretic, white for every other IWAD).
  • goh_alwaysshowinventorycounter (default: false) - Shows the inventory counter even when you're holding 1 of an item.
  • goh_showairtimer (default: true) - Shows the oxygen timer.
  • goh_showcoincounter (default: true for Strife, false for every other IWAD) - Shows the coin counter.
  • goh_showstamina (default: true for Strife, false for every other IWAD) - Shows the stamina stat.
  • goh_showaccuracy (default: true for Strife, false for every other IWAD) - Shows the accuracy stat.
  • goh_theme (default: 0) - Changes the look of the HUD. All it does right now is change the bar shape.
  • goh_showtimer (default: true) - Shows the elapsed time in a level/hub.


[spoiler=Credits and Miscellaneous Info]Credits:
  • Windows 9x/ME - Default theme's design

Miscellaneous Info:
  • The font used was FastTracker Shiny Outlined (f08c) from Bitmap Fonts.

[spoiler=Changelog]Version 3 (3/24/2017):
  • Added LANGUAGE entries to the HUD strings.
  • The key bar can now show a maximum of 100 keys (raised from 30).
  • Added a toggleable timer on the top right of the screen (goh_showtimer).
  • The armor bar and damage absorption percentage now only show when you have armor.
  • Nudged the mugshot down slightly.
  • Pretty much everything should now automatically align accordingly. Hooray!
  • If only the health bar is visible, and show stamina/accuracy is disabled, status text will display as "St" to prevent possible overlapping with mugshots.
  • The blue armor icon now shows properly when you have the Super Chex Armor in Chex Quest.
  • The mugshot is now disabled by default in any IWAD other than Doom and Chex Quest.
  • Added a menu entry at the bottom of the Options menu by using AddOptionMenu.
  • Properly adjusted the text and the size of the bars and timer icons.

Version 2 (11/29/2016):
  • Added a MENUDEF lump (complete with a LANGUAGE lump). It isn't directly accessible from the menu, so to bring it up, type "openmenu GoodOlHUDOptions" in the console.

Version 1 (11/6/2016):
  • First public release.

[spoiler=Known Issues]
  • The normal HUD in Strife doesn't show up because it doesn't have an SBARINFO base.

Download it! (141kb)

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v1)

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:54 pm
by TerminusEst13
Pretty simple but nice little HUD. I dig it.

Good work!

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v1)

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:06 am
by tehvappy50
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I'll probably add more to it as time goes on and I figure out what to do.

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v1)

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:47 pm
by Crudux Cruo

here's a video i did with your mod in it, colourful hell, droplets, and of course, lethaldoom. feel free to use it if you'd like.

also, i'd like to ask permission to implement your hud into my mod. It fits my mod perfectly, and its the most simple layout i've found. I love it. i'd be honored if you would let me put it directly into my mod.

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v1)

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:55 pm
by tehvappy50
Sure, go right ahead! I'd suggest showing C1/A1 instead of A1/A2 for weapons that use a magazine (along with making their respective bars/text the same color), but that's just an opinion/suggestion of mine. On another note, version 2 has been released. It's not anything special. It just has a menu (you can only access it via "openmenu GoodOlHUDOptions" in the console for now so as not to mess up compatibility with other mods).

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v2)

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:45 am
by Crudux Cruo
I have not yet began to intergrate it, but i will certainly look into c1/a1. not sure what that means :P I might be asking you for help in pm if i have any complications, but by looking at the code with a cursory glance, it seems straightforward. hopefully it is :)

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v3)

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:40 am
by tehvappy50
After almost four months of on and off development, version 3 is now out the door. Some pretty interesting changes include the addition of a timer, auto aligning, and a non-conflicting menu entry. As usual, the changelog is located on the original post.

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v3)

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2021 9:24 am
by RastaManGames
I am really sorry for necromancy here, but this HUD is crashing latest (for this moment) GZDoom of version 4.7.0.
It says something about wrong font named "INDEXFON" in SBARINFO lump.
Unpacking mod and replacing "INDEXFON" with "INDEXFONT" fixed this problem and then game starting up normally w/o any problems.
This one little bug that can ruin someone's experience, but it really easy to fix him.
Is there any way to contact author of this mod?
I mean, he was online in July, but... GZDoom 4.7.0 out few hours ago...

Re: Good Ol' HUD (v3)

Posted: Sun May 22, 2022 9:01 am
by Spaceman333
Posting this here too for those that want a ready fixed version of this good HUD mod. ... dolhud-v31

Technically its the same as the old one - so it works with anything, not just that stalker mod - the only thing that was changed was "INDEXFON" changed to "INDEXFONT" in every SBARINFO I could find - for all games.