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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:09 pm
by Kirby
I'll admit, I'm way to ambitious.

In fact, probably too ambitious.

I always have these great bursts of exciting energy that give me the encouragement to finish mapping for this thing and be done once and for all. Problem is, I'm too excited. My hopes get up high and even though I know I cant, I feel as though I have the ability to do everything needed before the release date, unfortunately as you all know this is not the case.

It will take lots of work to get this out, and I can gurantee that it will be out. I have had the ambition to do this project ever since I started it and I honestly haven't put out for it. I want to see this done, and I will see it to the end. I will make sure it is perfected, and I will get it to you guys. I just hope you don't get too discouraged from my faulty deadlines. With farlowj back in action though, things are back on track and hopefully I won't fall flat as years past. I gurantee that I won't stop trying and am going to work hard to finish this once and for all.

Expect updates :)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:17 am
by HotWax
My suggestion would just be to finish it on your own timetable, and then once it's done you can release it whenever you want. Whether that's Halloween or not (does anybody really care at this point? :P) is up to you.

At least then you're not breaking deadlines.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:23 am
by Cutmanmike
Post some more screenshots so we can go "oooh aaah" and get you motivated some more :P

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:22 am
by Sekto
could i help out? sprites or anything? :P

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:23 pm
by Zenon
One word


PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:33 pm
by edward850
That was a worthless bump

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:43 pm
by Phobus
You can't bump a sticky topic... it's always at the top. Same goes to the post reporter. Yes the post is rather aimless, but it's part of a sticky, so there's not much of a problem as long as it's harmless too.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:39 pm
by Nightmare Doom
Cyberdemon2006 wrote:One word


I wonder what was the origin of this picture? Is it from a Japanese Horror film?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2007 1:47 am
by Zenon
Hmmm... I never thought of that..

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:35 pm
by Amuscaria
any progress on this thing? :D

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:30 am
by Zenon
Oh noes!!11

Someone removed teh stickeh!!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:49 am
by XutaWoo
Cyberdemon2006 wrote:One word


Another word:

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:09 am
by Zenon
I wonder if theres a beta version of zhalloween available somewhere

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 10:58 am
by Kirby
Cyberdemon2006 wrote:I wonder if theres a beta version of zhalloween available somewhere
Not yet there isn't ;)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:16 pm
by Nuke em
Some words on the names of your maps (courtesy of :wink: ):

- Fear of Being Buried Alive
Agliophobia - Fear of Pain

Some better names for you.

Is this a community thing or just a solo work? 'Cause I could bring some mapping help if you like! :D

The Twilight Zone theme is attached, and it could be used as the theme for the ZHalloween mod. :twisted: