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Postby HellCattX » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:43 pm

Yet Anouther Doom-64 Mod!

yup here it is, anouther converson of doom64 resources to pc doom, Converting almost everything to replace standard doom stock for a doom64 style doom 2 or final doom experience.

Sounds - Done
Weapons - Refining
Artifacts - Refining
Items - Refining
Props - In Progress
Badies - In Progress/Refining
Floors - In Progress
Switches - Done
Wall patches - In Progress

here is a video teaser.

All monsters outside of revenant and achvilehave been replaced by doom64 - esk monsters.

All standard weapons are still there with some tweeked.

Fist- D64 Graphics
Chainsaw - D64 Graphics
Pistol - D64 Graphics, Semiauto, fires as fast as you click the mouse
Shotgun - D64 Graphics + Has pump action frames
Super Shotgun - D64 Graphics + Has reloading frames
Chaingun - D64 Graphics
Rocket Launcher - D64 Graphics
Plasma Rifle - D64 Graphics
B.F.G. 9000 - D64 Graphics

New Weapons : Currently most only available through cheating, or in test map

Flare Pistol - D64 Style Graphics, fire a bouncy burning flare!
Micro Rocket Shotgun - D64 Style Graphics
Gatling Gun - D64 style Graphics, Wind up and wind down delays, fires faster than chaingun
Multi Grenade Launcher - D64 style Graphics, Launches Bouncy grenades, and could spawn anytime a rocket launcher could, uses same ammo.
Railgun - D64 style Graphics, fires a depleated uranium slug at the cost of some cells.
B.F.G. 2704 - D64 Style Graphics, Fires oldbfg, but uses baron ball green/red projectiles.
B.F.G. 10K - D64 style Graphics, Based off of Quake BFG10k.
Spike Gun - D64 Style Graphics, Uses Nail ammo and lobs D64 spikes that rip through baddies and sticks into the wall.
Froster - D64 Style Graphics, Freezing good time!
Unmaker - D64 Graphics, Upgrades with demon keys!

Props and gore are still getting tweeked to fit right in doomPC environment, as with wall textures.

Beta 0.04
http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/file ... ad-64m.zip
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:30 pm

never mind, found the Author for the weapons. Added credit list, and almost time for a happy beta.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby Virtue » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:49 pm

looks good, are these palletised?
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby -Ghost- » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:15 pm

I'm okay with this, I love the Doom 64 sprites. :P
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby Abba Zabba » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:38 pm

I smell another gem...
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:18 pm

refining the sprites so they would look cleaner, all are in bmp formats right now.........

Textures continue to harass me as they cant be directly copied, renamed and insterted, they just dont line up right. I am going to have to custom make a few mixed and matched from doom64 wall sprites and computer effects, however doom64 has less computer style graphics to work with, so alot will be repeated. I am trying to aviod this the best i can, however it will take a long time and as such, the first beta might be doomPC wall textures still.
The animations for floor teleporters is also still in progress, as with the glowing red yellow and blue door lights.

besdies that, the Cyberdemon has been replaced as with the player sprites, couching sprites are almost ready. Nightmare imp is in the game, its just not coded to spawn anyware right now. Still debating weither or not to make them spawn at low random chance a imp would spawn.

Also working on one more extra cheat weapon, using the unused doom64 sprite from the magazine, i am leaning toward making it a unreal tourny style impact hammer, that in the long run would be the "upgraded" fists or powered up, i am still not sure which.
Also re-vamping the spikegun to look better, as i just slapped a couple sprites together for a place holder sprite. Nothing fires these rounds, nor can you find the ammo or gun outside of cheating.
The chaingun and gatling gun uses chaingun ammo, not clip ammo. I feel a pistol should not be able to fire a heavy machine gun bullet or vice versa. So the clipbox is now Chaingun ammo only and spawns where a clipbox would of, and clip is pistol ammo only dropped by zombie men and found in the normal spawn locations. Its just giving more options to the player overall.
The grenade launcher is kinda of wonky, and trying to make a better grenade projectile, but it does spawn randomly anytime a rocket launcher could, and is the only extra weapon that does this, the rest are cheat only weapons right now.

With the prop's and gore and such, not all have the same frame numbers or to many frames, like the tech lamps in doomPC have 3 frames for glowing, where as the doom64 lamp has 1 for idle and no glowing. Likewise, some of the doom64 gore is animated where its doomPC counter parts are not. Its the fine tunning and tweeking thats the most annoying.

Also baddies that normaly would drop a weapon upon death do so at a very low chance now, but drops ammo still so its a bit harder to be armed all the time. The spawn spots for all the weapons have not changed at all so you can still find them in the maps its just rarer to get off of a corpse, as it simulates the weapon getting broken, and does not drop.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:42 pm

nearing first beta release, Still looking like wall textures conversions will be a while. In the meantime, i have removed the extra weapons from the cheat menu and you cannot get them by using the give command, as they're not quite ready for use yet. So you'll have access to all the default weapons, and the unmaker if you cheat. the grenade launcher, railgun, gatlinggun, bfg10k, impact hammer, spikegun, and default mega pistol ( dev weapon ) are unavailable for use, unless you know the proper console coding heh. Also one more tiny little detail i added is pushable barrels, both explosive and non. Also a few of the pillars got replaced by the gargoyle statues, and are also pushable, however, the bigger they are, the harder is it to push it. too busy today to make a video update, mayhaps tomarrow, and by sunday a early beta release.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:16 pm

got carried away in making a test map. Refining everything is taking alot long than i thought. heres a preview video of the test level.

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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:36 pm

hitting a bit of a snag, doom2 works fine, as dose final doom's plutonia and tnt, however when i try to play the same wad with ultimate doom, i get these errors!


What does it mean? or how can i fix it? those patches are there, but ultimate doom is messing with em somehow.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby Hellser » Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:50 pm

Ugh.. *facepalm* Those patches are for DooM 2 and the variants of. Ultimate DooM doesn't have those patches, so don't worry about it. If you'd like, look up those textures in DooM 2 and you'll see why it's not in Ultimate DooM. ZZZFace is the Behemoth/Icon of Sin on Map30, the ZZWolf is for Map31/32.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby TheDarkArchon » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:36 pm

HellCattX wrote:got carried away in making a test map. Refining everything is taking alot long than i thought. heres a preview video of the test level.

Jesus H. Christ, lower the audio levels when you're recording or something because 99% of the audio in that video is very distorted and unpleasant to as a result.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:44 pm

they're never that bad untill after i upload to youtube for some reason. idk why. i use fraps99 then pocket divxencoder, and it sounds and runds just fine, its all you tubes fault!
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby wildweasel » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:02 pm

It's probably something to do with the way Youtube handles your video's codec. Try encoding your video a different way.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby Enjay » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:18 am

I've had YouTube do that before too. I just use Windows Live Movie Maker to make the videos small enough to upload.
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Re: [WIP] YAD-64M

Postby HellCattX » Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:59 am

The windows movie maker i have dont work so well, as i still live in the era of windows XP, but i am trying to figure it out.

It looks like Ultimate doom might have to get cut out of this project, how sad. However i think i i've taken this a bit tooooo far, it was supost to be a simple graphics exchange, however its gone beyond that, with all my minor modifications, additions, its no longer what i had planned this out to be. Mind you if you do play though the basic doom levels, nothing really does change gameplay wise, its if you cheat via the console or goto the test map, is where the nuttyness happens. The three demon keys now power up a few weapons.

Weapons found in the mod:
Slot 1 : Fist, Impact Hammer, Chainsaw
Slot 2 : Pistol, Auto Pistol, Flaregun
Slot 3 : Shotgun, Supershotgun, Toaster Shotgun
Slot 4 : Chaingun, Gatlingun
Slot 5 : Rocket Launcher, Grenade launcher
Slot 6 : Plasma Rifle
Slot 7 : BFG 2704, BFG9000, BFG10K
Slot 8 : Spikegun, Frostrifle, Unmaker, Railgun

So far the, Auto Pistol, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Toaster Shotgun, and Unmaker are the only demon key powered up weapons, with thoughts of only give one upgrade for clasic weapons instead of 3. The auto pistol is a last resort weapon unless you have a demon key, doing only 2d3 damage per bullet, but powered up by the orange demon key, will make it shoot faster with small explosive bullets. The shotgun / Super Shotgun when you fire it, is semi auto now, so you'll have to click the mouse everytime you wanna fire it, untill you find a orange demon key, then it goes into clasic doom style auto firing. If you find a Blue Demonkey it powers up the shotguns further, by giving them minor explosive pellets instead! The Toaster Shotgun came about when trying to make a new nailgun sprite with fail, but it shoots buckshot style imp balls, untill you find a demonkey, then it shoots green baron blasts!, a second key will have it shoot Hellknight Blasts!, and the Third demonkey will have it fire manicubus fireballs, all in shotgun spread! The Unmaker Laser weapon, still should function the same, fires faster, then gets multi shot, then faster multishot. its been awhile since i played doom64 that in depth to remember all the stages of the laser upgrades.

But remember the new stuff does not appear in any basic levels, you'll have to goto the test level to use the new weapons or demonkeys. idkfa will not give you the new weapons at all, only the basic doom weapons. However, idkfa will give you the demon keys, as i dont think i can add the notcheat flag to a key item, havent tried yet though, so i guess if you cheat you'll have explosive pellet shotguns..... with demonkeys that will follow you to the end game.

heres an slightly outdated video using windows movie maker.
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