[Release] Icon of Sin Boss Fight for Doom 2 v07

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Re: [Release] Icon of Sin Boss Fight for Doom 2 v07

Postby RV-007 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:40 am

v07: Good Enuff 2nd Stage Boss Update
-I finally implemented/tested the addition of the floating Icon of Sin in map30.
-Adjusted some changes to a weaker condition due to you having no cover nor space to run too far.
-The floating Icon of Sin is still a bitch to be reckoned with.
-Don't worry, I put up "1" blatant hint (during map30) on what to do before the 2nd stage boss goes tripping on your ass.
-I won't say (or add blatant hints) for the 1st stage boss, it should be obvious since it spams quite a lot (the normal way works, but you have to fend off the Spawn of Sins before blasting the face of BossBrain)!
-Yes, the 1st stage boss is now a bit weaker in order for you to have a chance to prepare against the 2nd stage boss.

EDIT (07/08/2014):
-A_NoBlocking for floating_ios, just in case if you happened to still hit it.
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