[Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Ribo Zurai » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:25 am

Took me a good hour to download this, and a good minute to disgust myself completely.

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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby TheDarkArchon » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:27 am

Ribo Zurai wrote: and a good minute to disgust myself completely.

A minute? God fucking damn, that's roughly 3 times as long as it took me.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby TheDoomGuy » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:12 pm

I saw Justin Bieber and my interest instantly vanished.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Tapwave » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:13 pm

TheDarkArchon wrote:
Ribo Zurai wrote: and a good minute to disgust myself completely.

A minute? God kek'n damn, that's roughly 3 times as long as it took me.

I must be used to shit because it took me around five minutes to give up.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby TheDarkArchon » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:29 pm

terranova wrote:I must be used to shit because it took me around five minutes to give up.

I'd say that's a case of time slowing down so much that it seemed like five minutes.

Anywho, I'd say yes to Weasel coming up with a new list of things that are bad about this mod, but I fear that it would take several months.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Zanieon » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:49 pm

Weasel will waste his time just to do the list?

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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Princess Viscra Maelstrom » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:07 pm

this wad is so bad it's good
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby TerminusEst13 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:34 pm

Thank you very much for including such an intricate list of credits. That's very well-done of you.

Next, I have to say I disagree with the majority of content included in this mod. I understand and appreciate the desire to make the "biggest and bestest" mod of Doom, making everything new and making everything awesome!!!!!!!, but sometimes it's best if you scale back just a little bit. Making a good mod isn't just about the most content and the most new shiny stuff, and a lot of people think just by having more stuff than another mod that instantly makes it better. It's so, so, so easy to get caught up in making new stuff that you just want to make more and more and more, but the bigger question to consider is how to make everything memorable and interesting instead of just trying to dogpile the player.
The perfect example of this is the title screen and the player classes.
The title screen is composed of a bunch of random sprites and graphics laid across an (admittedly pretty cool) background. You have photographs, sprites, photographs on top of sprites, sprites of different styles from different games, modified and stretched sprites that aren't very appealing, and a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. This doesn't give the impression of something fun and interesting, it gives the impression of a dogpile.
The player classes, likewise, are just a dogpile. You say there's about 90 different player classes--what are the differences between some of these? Will there be a significant difference if I pick the Nothingman over the, say, Number 3? What are the differences between the Street Thug and the Vampire? Character classes need to be radically different from each other to stand out, you can't just have a change in a couple statistics and starting weapons. Even worse, the character names are non-indicative, so I don't know who will actually do what. For the sake of testing, I'll pick the Nothingman--even though I know nothing of his capabilities, abilities, arsenal, or anything at all.

While I do appreciate your dedication in creating new episodes and plenty of new difficulties, none of them are pretty indicative about what they are or what they do--and how many of them mesh well with each other? I picked Doing It the Old Fashioned Way and the difficulty All About Shirlena. I'm certain I could just look in the readme for information, but where was the information that was so helpful in your last mod? If you selected a difficulty, it told you what it was all about and what to expect...there's not a single bit of that here. I shouldn't have to wade through several walls of text just to find a single bit of useful information that may or may not be what I want.

Zoning into the first map, I find questionable architecture and even-more questionable texture placement. What is water doing on the ceiling? Why do fleshy walls lead into rock, and why does rock lead into wood? Opening up the door leads me to a bedroom and the portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. My only weapon picked up is CQC, which I sincerely doubt will leave any lasting mark on the badass that is the Bull Moose, and a super-shotgun, which seems to barely faze him. After a lengthy period of circle-strafing, I finally defeat him (with only two ammo left) and pick up a Master Key. A little bit of exploring doesn't seem to find any doors, so I use all of the walls, and eventually find myself in a strange room in which every single wall has a radically different texture. How garish. A couple steps inward, and...well, I beat the game, it seems, since it puts me back at the titlescreen.
Is this fun, or interesting? Not really. I got two weapons, explored a questionable map, beat one single guy, and then apparently won. This wasn't an interesting use of ZDoom's capabilities, and I'm sure there's much better ways to try and utilize mapping or Theodore Roosevelt. Might I suggest studying each component individually? Instead of trying to create everything at once, focus on developing on mapping, or focus on developing individual enemies, or focus on developing individual weapons, releasing them one at a time instead of rushing to do them all at once. Not only will you be able to get feedback on things one at a time and polish them to perfection, but they won't gather together into a dogpile in what is colloquially termed a "clusterfuck".

Let's try this again. Playing as the Cheater on The Epic Showdown, with difficult...ah...let's go Fists and Gauntlets. Again, I'm not sure what the differences between any of these are, but for the interest of scientific experimentation, let us wade into this festering mass of questionable bodily excretions and dicks.
As soon as I begin, I spawn with several different weapons in front of me, in an arena plastered all over with photoshopped game cover boxes. Game boxes, I assure you, do not make for interesting textures to map a level with, as most of them are designed for advertisement instead of fighting a gigantic Cyberdemon across while pelvic thrusting rockets away. Most of them don't seem to be very intricate photoshops at that, replacing the title of the game with a strange sex-based pun and tweaking the art accordingly. I suppose someone more into toilet humor than I would be laughing, loling, rofling, lmaoing, XDing, or asdkjaslkjiging at this, but for someone trying to relax and just have an interesting Thanksgiving fragfest it simply comes across as a cheap attempt for cheap thrills. Is the experience of hunting down a monster really so enlightened by a woman's tits hanging off a Call of Booty poster?
Now, I'm a straight man. I deeply enjoy tits. Perhaps the best part of a lady's body, and certainly something I can't say I object to them having. But it, again, doesn't make for an engaging experience.
Ah, I rambled. Sorry. Onto the map itself, it seems to be a plain square arena with a pit in front. Upon approaching the pit, I find a map squatting down with a very cross expression on his face and the apparent ability to shit out rockets and fire. How distressing. Getting close to him instant-kills me. How distressing x2.
Scrolling through the weapons, I find the usual assortment of pistol shotgun rocket plasma etc, but all of them also have a blatantly-overpowered infinite version next to them. Does it really matter which weapon I use if all of them have a superior version right next to them? It just wastes space and creates clutter. A couple ill-fated fights later, begat by his ability to summon helicopters which can reduce me from 3k health to a little over 100 in the span of a few seconds, and I finally just give up and spam the BFG11k infinite. He goes down after a (not so) epic fight, and I find a switch behind him. I trek on over, hit it, and once again I've won the game, booted back to the title screen.
How distressing x3.

Then, let's go into the weapons. Most of them are just barely variations from each other--there are so many variations of the chaingun and shotgun it's not even funny, differing only by maybe a few sound effects. Others have differences mainly in the power--why in the world would I want to go back to any other chaingun after picking up the LChaingun? And then there's the infinite variations, which just say "fuck you" to everything else and stand high and tall as the single best weapons in the set. Why in the world would you have ammo and ammo limits and backpacks if half of the weapons don't even need or use ammo?
There isn't any balance among the arsenal, there's only varying levels of which ones are decent and which ones are ones you should throw away as soon as you get. There are a few interesting and decent weapons, such as the LChaingun, Bloodpuke Weapon, and the Warrior of Hell weapon, but the majority of the weapons are just basically the same idea copy-pasted over and over with some different sound effects or taken straight from other mods with some different sound effects. The idea of quantity over quality is extremely present, and in the end it seems you're trying to be a sort of mini-AEoD. Except without the extensive years of developing pretty Decorate effects to separate the guns from each other.
Then there's the weapons which do nothing except summon. It was funny at first to be able to shoot Cacodemons at people which explode, yeah. But summoning whoopee cushions? Summoning smartphones? Summoning 2000 Thanatos, whoever he is? Summoning Justin Bieber?

None of these elements really mesh well when combined with each other. Most of them are perhaps somewhat vaguely sort of interesting when by themselves, and some need to be snipped out completely, but when all of them are together they don't quite make for an engaging experience. In fact, it's just not fun.
Oh, and happy Thanksgiving. Please have a good day.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Marisa Kirisame » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:38 pm

Spoiler: My thoughts about this thread and anything related to the OP can be summed up in this kawaii desu animated GIF
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Kate » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:57 pm

Viscra Maelstrom wrote:this wad is so bad it's good

No, this wad sinks from "so bad it's good" into "so bad that it opens a portal into the netherworld which completely sucks away any semblance of what is good in a terrible, horrible parody of not only itself, but any other wad that happens to be within 3 miles radius of it."
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby JoeyTD » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:04 pm

Viscra Maelstrom wrote:this wad is so bad it's good

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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Tapwave » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:11 pm

JoeyTD wrote:
Viscra Maelstrom wrote:this wad is so bad it's good


Report Siht is not amused.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Princess Viscra Maelstrom » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:32 pm


[/your head]
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby TheAdmantArchvile » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:32 pm

Got a little bit tired of waiting so I did my own list. Here’s what I got so far. Couple of spelling errors.

TheAdamantArchvile wrote:1. Startup Screen looks ugly as all hell.
2. Classes look the same as they did in the original warzone. Improvements, my ass.
3. Picked the New age one out at random. All the classes looked like they were ripped from the 667 bestiary.
4. Awful thrash metal is playing on the menu screen. It just killed my set of earbuds. I wish I were joking
5. All the difficulties are just the regular doom ones with “Just Yourself” and some other bullshit about Stealthy-ness.
6. The maps are impossible to finish on “Just Yourself” as many of the maps require you to kill some asshole to do some-script-thing.
7. Only Hell on Earth is an actual game. The other ones are just area maps that look like they were knocked up in 30 secs. Just like the author was!
8. Why is my hp only 50? Is that supposed to be the trade-off for starting with every damn gun in the game?
9. The first map, Apartment, looks absolutely horrible. You could piss on a keyboard while Slige was running and you’d get a better map.
10. The female marines are way to fast. I can barely hit them with the shotgun.
11. Once again, more awful thrash metal. I sense a recurring theme.
12. That godawful HL revolver’s still there.
13. Most of the weapons are still stolen from the 667 armory. At least you start with the GOOD weapons like the nailgun, the DRL, the repeater, and the BFG10k.
14. There are next to no weapons on the map. You have to use what you got wisely, or you’re screwed.
15. Why is Ned Flanders from Simpsons Doom there? Aside from being a crappy imp replacement, he serves no point, whatsoever.
16. The effects in the level look even worse than the level. Watching a wall rise, for no reason still looks dumb as all hell.
17. There are monsters taken from Cutmanmike’s sause.wad. Why did you take monsters from a wad that looks absolutely god-awful?
18. Hey, look, it’s pikachu from that crappy skins wad that everyon eon skulltag seems to like. And pika weak as all hell.
19. Why is there a green reskin of the pinky (greeny?)? Why is he fast as hell?
20. Why is that black guy from batman doom still here? And why is he fast as hell, too?
21. Why is there a lady Gaga poster on the wall? It seems completely pointless.
22. A white marine just threw a tombstone at me and killed me in one hit! Who was I supposed to know and dodge that?
23. Finished the level with a wall of text. Some bullshit about me finding a girl (aside from the Fem-marines, I didn’t see any other girl) and then going to a trailer home.
24. Second level looks nothing like a trailer home.
25. Shotgun thug from Batman doom is there. He’s not doing anything. Might be catatonic.
26. Why is there a 1337 man and why can’t I kill him?
27. As it turns out, I had to run from 1337 man and escape in a teleporter that just happened to reappear in the trailer.
28. Needed to use god mode, as 1337 would instantly kill me when he saw me.
29. Now I’m at a nightclub with two black guys from batman doom, but they’re wearing different colored pants!
30. Bad midi of Just Dance by Lady Gaga is playing. I’m going to break my second pair of ear buds, aren’t I?
31. Thugs drop keys upon death, little cleaver.
32. WRW gauntlets are still there. Look awful and do awful damage.
33. Got in the “club” only to be greeted by monster’s from Deathzor’s, The Internet Made Stupid. So not only was the author ripping off weapons fro 667, he’s taking monsters from Deathzor!
34. Serious bomb is there. Looks awful as usual.
35. Hey, look, a Keen body with Justin Beiber’s Head! A ha ha ha KILLMEKILLMENOW!
36. Entered a room with a badly stretched Jersey Shore texture on the wall. I bet The Situation could make a better wad than this shitter.
37. Killed a room full of Deathzor’s keen monsters (the name escapes me) only to open another room with the badly made sprites. Calling the monsters is an insult to monsters.
38. Had to die to finish the stage, always a fun way to go.
39. Next level is “called” prison sex, but it’s just a sector-for-sector rip of Bloodfalls from original doom 2.
40. God mode is needed as most of the monsters are ridiculously overpowered.
41. Useless pickups are still here.
42. Stunner rifle’s been included in this game. Actually pretty useful as it slows down all of the way to fast monsters.
43. Bane from Batman Doom is here to. Also overpowered.
44. Only regular monster I’ve found is the Satyr from the 667 bestiary.
45. More monsters from TIMS. I’d rather be playing that than this turdburger.
46. The razor dildo from Doomguy’s Pimp ‘Ventures is here. Just another reskin…
47. Stewie’s a monster, as well. I though this mod couldn’t get any worse.

You know what, fuck this. I’m stopping now. I’ll be back with some more when I’ve got some more wine in me. Part two to follow.
Also, Doomguy 2000, you owe me a new pair of earphones. They'd better be good and they'd better be expensive.
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Re: [Released] Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition

Postby Doomguy 2000 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:45 pm

So far most of guys are giving up without giving this wad a fair chance. Now as far as the maps are concerned most of the difficulties I made use the replace actor feature replacing the normal Doom stuff like Zombieman, DoomImp, Shotgun, etc. The only thing they would do is increase the ammo factor depending on the setting. These setting are meant to be used in other Vanilla map sets and the regular game.

The first link is the WarGold.pk3 and Warmaps.wad as being separate.

The second link is Wargold and warmaps being combined into one and called WarStory.pk3.

Hopefully this help you out alot and if you are still interested in some of my difficulty ideas then check out the first link.

I made 2 different versions so people can actually enjoy the story. There's only 9 maps as advertised and the bonus 5 episodes are just boss fights with modified maps from the story line I created so you can go up against them. The maps are meant to be played with the normal Doom difficulties because that is what they are designed for. The first post will be updated to clear up the confusion that has been created here.
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