HellToPay/Perdition'sGate ZDoom Patches

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HellToPay/Perdition'sGate ZDoom Patches

Postby BlueFireZ88 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:30 pm

For those fortunate enough to own or consider owning the unlicensed Doom 2 expansions, Hell To Pay or Perdition's Gate, today's your lucky day.

Introducing The Hell To Pay/Perdition's Gate ZDoom Patches!!!

Each patch contains the following to help give a more individual feel for both of these expansions:
-The real names for all of the levels for each expansion.
-New intermission screens and text for each pack.
-Minor changes and tweaks in presentation in regards to said intermissions.
-A refinement in level structure to make sure each game plays in the level order that they were intended.

While they're both simplistic and style and execution, they do make a difference if you want to make these Wraith Corp. games stand out from the rest of your basic PWADs.

Download the patch set here:

Be sure to also check out my full release of the ZDoom edition of the "Lost Episodes of Doom", another unlicensed commercially sold expansion, which also has many of the same features. This is the only unlicensed expansion I can release in full legitimately, as I am unsure of the current status of both of these Wraith expansions.
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