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Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:44 pm
by Wargasm92
Ah, yeah, Xim. Right.

The .pk3 didn't work for me either, at least when I tried to run it (the .pk3 file itself) in Skulltag. So, instead, I compiled my Maps, Decorate ETC in a .wad file and my textures in a .wad file and instead they're all in there. If you open it up with WinRAR or something similar, you can extract the two files (along with credits, readme et cetera) and then drag-and-drop them onto the executable for your source port. (I use Skulltag for this, it works.) This info is contained within the .pk3 in the readme, which means it may have been a bit unclear at the time. I'll take a look at it. Would posting it in just a normal .rar file work?

P.S. I only use Skulltag because ZDoom itself does not seem to have a launcher or server software of any kind. Unless ZDaemon is meant to be used as such? I thought it was stand alone...)

P.P.S. TorretialFire, I'll download your version of MAP03 and take a look at it. Yesterday I took a go at it aswell, so I'll take a few screenshots (I don't exactly think that uploading and re-uploading my Maps with only small changes is the way to go, so I'll make sure I complete a bit more of MAP06 - Penultimate first. I'll post an edit when I've done a few of these things, it's 8:40 out my way, so I've got all day.

Early EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention something. I'll be posting a few screenshots of MAP06 here in a little while anyway, just so you can see which direction it's heading in. Nothing too revealing, though... >:)

Early EDIT2: P.P.P.S. Xim, forgot to mention something again. That chaingun's not from Doom 2.5, or at least so the info from it says. Apparently it's from Quake 2. Yeah, I did download it because it looked like it was from Doom 3, though, that's kind of the effect I was going for. Personally I hate Doom 3, but when I saw that Pump Action and the Plasma Rifle (the only saving grace of Doom 3, looks freakin' awesome) I just had to have them. And, well, then I decided to change the rest as well, if only for continuity.
(Am I right in assuming that Doom 2.5 is a remake or something of Doom 3, but in ZDoom or whatever? Like KDiZD is a remaster of Knee-Deep in the Dead? If not, correct me. I'm curious... :| )

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:02 pm
by Xim
Doom 2.5 was going to be a remake or something of Doom 3. The Doom 2ish styled Doom 3 weapons are referred to as the Doom 2.5 weapons. The so called "Quake 2" chaingun uses the graphics for the Doom 2.5 chaingun. I only dislike it because I've seen it far too often, but if you like it then go ahead and stick with it.

Anyways I'll try what you said to get it to work and give you some feedback on the levels. ;)

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:15 pm
by TorrentialFire
Wargasm92 wrote:The .pk3 didn't work for me either, at least when I tried to run it (the .pk3 file itself) in Skulltag. So, instead, I compiled my Maps, Decorate ETC in a .wad file and my textures in a .wad file and instead they're all in there. If you open it up with WinRAR or something similar, you can extract the two files (along with credits, readme et cetera) and then drag-and-drop them onto the executable for your source port. (I use Skulltag for this, it works.) This info is contained within the .pk3 in the readme, which means it may have been a bit unclear at the time. I'll take a look at it. Would posting it in just a normal .rar file work?

I always check the .pk3 with WinRar, and so I realized immediately that you had zipped your wad in a .pk3. So, extracting the wad from the pk3 works just fine.

You can use .pk3 as a replacement of the .wad filetype, granted that the maps, sprites, patches, resources, etc. are organized correctly, and I think it offers more flexibility, because you can create your own hierarchy within the mod and use specific files to direct the engine where to look for things within that .pk3 directory. So you would create your map in DoomBuilder and then save it into your .pk3 not into .wad format. I believe BD2 has an option to do that. You don't put a .wad file inside a .pk3 file.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:40 pm
by Wargasm92
So did you all get my maps working in the end? If not, post here and I'll see if I can help.

@Xim, yeah, I got the Doom 2.5 thing. It wasn't really personal choice, but there just aren't that many good chainguns around that fit the style of the guns I already had. Sorry.

@TorrentialFire, just downloaded the modded map now. I'll have a look at what you've done, but from what you describe, it sounds a lot better than what I had. I'll post my updated MAP03 in a short while and then I'll make some screenies to compare the two. Also, with tagging every sector 0, it hasn't played up or anything else like that so far, so I actually really don't know what you're talking about here. As far I (thought I) knew, tagged a sector 0 caused it to be ignored, while tagging 0 in a special meant that the special (if it was on a line) would look for it's parent sector and use that. Also, if you look in my scripting (which is limited, I'm trying to stick to the original DooM tradition which did not use any scripting to do what it needed to do, i.e. open doors, etc--I actually think this makes my maps a bit more user friendly/more playable, but that's just IMO) I think you'll find that any doors which need to be raised, are not tagged 0, but something else. It works for me, so I don't see how it is an issue, unless you encountered bugs, in which case, please, speak up now. Bugs need to be fixed.

EDIT: Woah. I need to check my posts etc faster. I think I may have missed a reply at some point.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:13 pm
by Wargasm92
Definitely not a legit bump, but I really don't feel like clogging up my last post to the point it becomes unreadable, so...

Those touches you added, they were brilliant. Mind if I steal a few? I particularly liked the torches and the imps in cages (I've already put the torches in... :oops: ) but I did like the way you did the bordering. I tried it myself, and while at first I bungled it, I've now got the hang of it. Thank you so very much!

Though it looks like now I'm gonna have to go back through my maps and take another look around.
Ah, it's alright. I was gonna give all the architecture on my maps huge improvements anyway. (That idea was inspired by the fact that I finally got my slopes to work)

MAP06 - Penultimate is on it's way, with some cool architecture and a couple of new features added as well (wait until you see some of them...) I haven't uploaded any screenies yet, but I'd advise you to watch this post for when I do put them up. I'll put them in spoiler tags so that anyone who wishes can remain play the maps from a truly virgin start.

On a later note, an acquaintence of mine has expressed interest in aiding me with these maps. I have no idea about his mapping skills, but I've asked him to make a demo map showing his style and send it to me. Any thoughts on the matter?

On an ever later note, new monsters: should I add any in? Rating out of 5 would be helpful. :wink:

On a completely different page, how playable/fun/good did you find the maps? Again, a rating would be good. Out of 10? :)

P.S. Could I get level stats (i.e. time spent on the level, kill count, items, secrets) from anyone? A screenshot would be fine, but I understand if you don't want to... :wink: :wink:

EDIT: The edit above was irrelevant, now (because of the finished nature of MAP06 "Penultimate") so I've just deleted the edit. Nothing to worry about.
EDIT EDIT: Can't believe I spelt irrelevant wrong! ZOMFG.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:59 pm
by Wargasm92
Legit bump this time. I think. It's one day, not three, isn't it? I hope so... :oops:

You can now check the title page for the download link to the

Sorry for excessive caps, but I'm excited. :wink:

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:09 pm
by Wargasm92
Distinct lack of replies since last post, but work on the beast still continues.

Episode 2: "Demonstorm" is on the way, with the floor plans etc for E2M1 "Rock and Roll" done, and the general idea and theme for E2M2 decided upon. I will most likely be taking on an additional member for this project for E2M3 and E2M4, as the original idea and plans for those levels (was going to be done as one map, with a power-up-the-teleporter-while-fighting-demons system in place, as well as three different destinations that acted as E2M4, M5, and M6) were scrapped due to a general feeling of dislike for the idea (mostly from me; dunno why, but I just started to feel that the idea would not fit, and also that I wanted to have proper levels in place, as with Episode 1 where it held true to the original DooM's style of run and gun + hit switches/grab keys. Also, I really didn't fancy the idea of all that scripting, no sir. Anyhow, the main point of this statement was to announce Episode 2.

Just so you know, it's gonna go like this:
Episode 1: Aftermath (Tekbase + 1 Hell level)
Episode 2: Demonstorm (Pure Hell, Custom Monsters + Weapons (but still keeping the UAC guns as well))
Episode 3: Back to Basics (Pure Tekbase, Custom Monsters but back to using only UAC guns)
Episode 4: Showdown (Hell + 1 Tekbase level, which will be E4M6, the boss level, and it will be a UAC base being corrupted by the final boss. No spoilers yet, I haven't thought anywhere near as far as Episode 4 maps and monsters yet...)

Also, I had a few of my playtesters go over the whole of Episode 1, and discovered a few bugs in E1M6 "Penultimate". Needless to say, I got to work quickly on it and a quick re-release of E1M6 (that map only, just to save on space and so that people don't have to continuously re-download these maps) will be available later today.

Just a few more things:
1. If you download this mod, *please* post a reply with your thoughts + criticisms. Don't just download it and then never appear ever again. Thanks.
2. If you would like to work on this team, post a reply here, stating why you'd like to work on it and what your strengths are IYO. It'd also help if you posted an example of your work, i.e. a level you've built for doom or monsters you've designed/coded/sprited/whatever. I'm always happy to have new idea for this project. Thanks.

So, yeah. Check this post later on in the day for links, screenies, etc, basically whatever takes my fancy at the moment. Maybe some screenies of MAP04 "Good Morning, UAC" and MAP05 "Rolling Road", but definitely the link to the updated, bugfixed MAP06 "Penultimate", as well as screenshots of the still-under-construction (E2M1) MAP07 "Rock and Roll".

Wargasm92, out.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:58 pm
by DBThanatos
Knowing what is like to have no feedback, let me say that I did download it, however, I cant say I played it. Not because I dont like it, because it looks great, but my intentions were different. Anyway, what I did see...


Once again, keep in mind I actually didnt "play" it (as I was supposed to), so my above comment might not even apply. Other than that, I really liked the levels, and I might play them as intended in the future.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:28 pm
by Wargasm92
I'm don't think those spoiler tags worked properly (or if there was anything in them if they did; they simply would not do anything), so I'm not actually sure what you're talking about. :oops:
Damn me, I forgot to upload the updated MAP06 last night. I was so tired...damnit.
Will try again later today.

Work on Episode 2: "Demonstorm" (changed the names of Episodes 2, 3 and 4; I think they're much better now, though)
Floor Plans: 24% done. (1 and 1/2 of the maps' floor plans are done)
Maps: 6% done. (that equates to about 15% of MAP07 (E2M1) done)
Monsters: 10% done. (mostly just importing them, but there will be a few monsters with code by me and sprites from someone else's monster--which will be credited, have no fear--because sometimes I need to fill a particular niche and the monsters from Realm667 don't quite fit it)
Weapons: 40% done. (2 out of 5 custom weapons)

So yeah, slowly but surely.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:02 pm
by DBThanatos
May I suggest using a different browser? I see no reason for the spoiler tags to not work. They work fine on my side.

Also, just click on "quote" in my post and you'll see the text too.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:23 pm
by Wargasm92
...was a battle with a certain flaming flying monster in the last map (dont remember the usual name of that monster). I have to say that the room is a bit simple, while I understand that not a lot can be done to it due to the bridges or whatever you want to call 'em, perhaps the use of portals for the ceiling would work nicely to give it a better structure. It looks to me like that was the final battle, since after beating it, I got the end text and a curious use of camera to display the ending rolling monster sequence. Anyway, my point is, if, only if (remember, I didnt play it, i just went around with noclip) that is the final battle, I really think that the boss (which took quite a few shots to be killed) needs to be enhanced. As it is, is only a very healthy and bigger version of the original creature, and to be honest, I would expect a bit more, since the quality of the levels was pretty good (IMO). So, for the climax battle to be that, simple, it didnt really worked out that well.

Ah, yes. Using a different computer now, and I can see what was in the spoiler.

Ok, yeah. Alright, it may have been a little anticlimatic as you are supposed to have gone through the map in a linear fashion. One proceeds to activate a switch in a structure, which opens a mining tunnel to the next area. One can then see a crescent shaped building with a door at one end anda window at the other. If one looks into the window, one cansee the red keycard...however, go through the door and there is a whole bunch of red haze, which, when walked through, transports the player to hell. Once there, the player can jump across platforms in the skies of hell (falling kills you) and grab the red skullkey, then proceed back through the red haze (part of the rift which you can see during the boss battle) and look in the window again. (the keycard is gone now, because you already grabbed it in the reality of hell; just a gimmick, really) Then, open the huge double doors and you can see quite a large, pillar-like construction. Flip a switch and then back to the first cavern, where a red key switch is now available in one of the houses. Then, back to the red key cavern; of course, as soon as you enter the room, the construction (actually a massive, energy-based UAC mining drill) activates and starts drilling towards the rift, slowly opening a dimension hole through to the next cavern while simultaneously spawning hordes of monsters. This is the 'fake' climax stage. After that, one grabs the blue skullkey, which warps the cavern around the player, turning the air red with demonic energy. They can use this key to gain access to a shouldn't-be-there demonic outpost, where after facing four waves of imps and mancubi, the gold key can be obtained. Afterwards, the gold key is used next to open a gargantuan door that seals in the area with the rift, triggering earthquakes all around (this also occurs during the drill battle; the earthquakes, I mean--and it's a really great effect, trust me) and prompting the player to walk into the large lava cavern beyond, at which point the door slams shut, there is a second, smaller earthquake and The Fallen (the boss creature you could not remember the name of) activates and, with a piercing scream, rushes to attack the player.

Ok, now, since that previous update, there have been a hoard of bugfixes on MAP06 "Penultimate" due to a recent playtesting session. Also, you are right in thinking that perhaps The Fallen (which originally starts off as a monster with a 2*(DOOM BASE DAMAGE VALUE) attack and 200 health, which I amped up to I think it was 6*(the base value) and 4000 health, taking at least 4-6 BFG direct hits to kill, as it has the +BOSS flag and the +NORADIUSDMG flag, causing it to ONLY take damage from direct hits (in which case, the plasma gun will actually do more damage than the BFG for the amount of cell ammo used, provided you hit the beast). Since that update, there are some more bridges added in that area for the player to dodge The Fallen's blast attacks on and I will also be modifying it to have another attack: an area-wide shotgun blast of multiple projectiles, as well as it's normal rapid-fire-and-dodge.

Wargasm92, out.

P.S. most of these actions are triggered by linedefs and player input, so if you didn't actually play the maps (well, I don't know why you wouldn't, if you wanted to download it in the first place, either from boredom or an actual interest in the project--either works for me :) ) you really did miss out on a lot.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:12 pm
by Wargasm92
EDIT: Download updated. You can get Episode 1 either here, in this edit, or on the first post of page one. - there's the link. :)

Didn't feel like clogging up the above post, but still; again, not a legit bump. oh well.

Just so you can have some idea of the new content in Episode 2 before I unveil the proper screenies of MAP07 "Rock and Roll":

EDIT: Keeping on going with my bestiary and armoury. Here we go.
Episode 2:
Dark Imps - Image
While not particularly stronger than their lesser Imp cousins, Dark Imps still pose a greater challenge as they have much higher durability, taking at least 2 (usually) shotgun blasts to bring to their final rest. Watch out for these bastards.

Vulgar - Image
Another relative of the Imp, the nimble Vulgar nevertheless is still quite a different opponent from the humble imp. Fast but weak, they launch globs of acid at you in the form of a kind of hit and run attack. Still, they are weak as anything, not being able to take anything much more than a single shotgun blast. When killed, they drop acid sacs, which can be used as ammo for the Corrosion Wyrm. (using Eriance's excellent sprites of his version of the Demon Shredder, as well as sounds and the beautiful Shredder attack code from Demon Eclipse--couldn't resist...:wink:)

Mauler Demon - Image
If you thought that those annoying pinky Demons were bad enough, you'll hate this guy. He's tougher. He's stronger. And he has a devastating charge attack that can shove you back into the wall, leaving you as easy prey for his...friends...

Devil - Image
Another cousin of the Imp, Devils are only a little stronger in terms of health and power. However, they have a tendency to become trigger-happy with their fireballs when they get pissed off, and sometimes one shotgun blast isn't enough to bring them down...

Forgotten One - Image
The big brother of the Lost Soul, a Forgotten One, even on it's on, can be a dangerous, if easily dispatchable enemy. Their bite can be extremely painful, however, and these creatures can adjust their motion in flight, unlike their straight-line flying little brothers. If you are attacked by a swarm of Lost Souls, keep an eye out for a small group (maybe 2-3) of Forgotten Ones leading them, and if you attract the attention of a group of Forgotten ones, start praying or running. The latter works better, we assure you.

Fallen - Image
The Fallen, a creature from some of the fieriest areas of hell, is a challenging adversary, being faster and more agile than the slow, lumbering cacodemons, and shooting weaker fireballs in a burst-configuration, one after the other, barraging the careless marine with red hot death. Watch out for these bastards.

Imp Variants - Image
From the deeper regions of hell come these monstrosities. They are Imps, true, but they have changed, evolved. Some have gained the ability to fire heat-seeking projectiles from their clawed-hands, while others can execute a deadly leaping attack. Watch out, because imps just got a whole lot deadlier...

Pyro Imp - Image
If you thought those Dark Imps and the leaping mutant brown bastards were hell, meet this guy. With claws like steel and spikes all over here, even that isn't the end of the story. Worse still, the fireballs that this guy shoots, are a tenfold more deadly. Watch your back when these guys are around.

EDIT: More later. Not finished yet. Weapons still to come.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:15 pm
by Wargasm92
Legit bump, this time at least.

Work on Episode 2 has begun. I may have already mentioned this, but just as a heads-up.

MAP07 - "Rock and Roll": 90% done.
- Needs redesigns of a few rooms, but that's about it.

+ Includes custom weapons (just one example in this level, but IDK/FA will get you all the demon weapons I've coded so far, as well as Eriance's epic classic-doom-inspired weaponry [now fully implemented, unlike Episode 1 where it could be run separately--sorry, but there were bugs when you tried to run default EP2 with Eriguns, so I just integrated them) and also weapons using the sprites for his personal re-sprites of the Demon Eclipse guns----please note, ignore the Warpwrought Icon weapon in slot 4; it's gonna be replaced with a flamethrower type of weapon as I currently do not like the way it functions)
+ Includes custom monsters. You can see them in MAP07 in the form of Devils, Vulgars, Dark Imps, Squires and Mauler Demons.
+ Includes bad-ass. As always.

Download should be up soon. Probably tomorrow. Watch this page.

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:41 am
by Average
Looking forward to it. This is great work so far. :)

Re: [WIP] Unnamed.wad (4-Episode Doom Wad) still needs a nam

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:48 pm
by Wargasm92
Thanks! Have you played all of the maps?

Episode 2: "Demonstorm"
MAP07: 98% done. Still gotta redesign one area.


Wait until you see the Unmaker I built.

Adds new meaning to utter annihilation.
Well, when utter annihilation means using four pieces of boss monsters to wreak havoc by unmaking your enemies.

Hells to the yeah, motherf***ers.
(Reason for excitement: Unmaker I downloaded had a really anti-climatic firing effects/etc, so I decided to code my own version. Needless to say, Unmaking things has never been more fun)

Screenshots soon.