Doomie id Tech 1 frontend launcher Release 1.7

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Re: Doomie id Tech 1 frontend launcher Release 1.7

Postby lmills87 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 5:52 pm

Hello buja-buja! I posted also over on doom world but I noticed that you posted here more recently so I wanted to increase the chances you would see this:

First off, I want to say that Doomie is, in my opinion, the most intuitive Doom frontend I've come across so far. You have really minimized pointless space and reduce redundancy quite a bit.

However, I have an issue. When I'm using the program, occasionally my mouse will "stutter" as I'm moving it around the screen. It's like my FPS suddenly dips down. It usually doesn't last for more than a few seconds and then everything is smooth again, but then it will happen again not too long after.

I do have a g-sync monitor so I'm not sure if that could be causing any conflicts with your program. I also experience something similar with Microsoft Word and Excel; it's a known issue. But with other frontends I have used, I have not experienced a similar issue.

Any ideas?

Edit: Just turned off g-sync and the issue went away. So it does appear to be related to g-sync. Any chance that there's something you could do on your end to improve compatibility with g-sync monitors?

Edit #2: Well now I'm not so sure that it's only related to g-sync. My friend reported that her computer "froze" for a bit while the Doomie window was up, and she doesn't have a g-sync monitor. For me, it seems to be related when the Doomie window has focus.
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