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Custom wad loader for mac osx

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:08 pm
by youngwolf0
Hi all,
I had a fair bit of difficulty figuring out how to load the new John Romero level in ZDoom on mac so once I figured it out I wrote a small java app that makes loading custom wads much easier. You can download it here: ... r.jar?dl=0

Info about the app:

* It requires java to be installed on your machine, I would have made it native but I'm a web developer and don't know any programming languages other than java that can run as a desktop app, you should be able to run it by double clicking the jar file.
* It requires that ZDoom be installed in the default "/Applications/" location for now.
* wad files are autoloaded from the same folder ZDoom uses: "~/Library/Application Support/ZDoom". Any file with the .wad extension will be detected.
* If the wad folder is not detected when you run my app it will be created.
* You can press the "Open wad folder" button at any time to easily navigate to the wad folder, if you add or rename any files there you will need to press the refresh button to pick up on the changes.

This is a small app that I made in an hour so it's pretty light on features, I plan to add:
* Ability to select where ZDoom is installed if it isn't in the Applications folder.
* Ability to select a custom wad folder.

If anyone has any feature requests just post them here and I'll see what I can do :)