SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby InsanityBringer » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:26 pm

There's an annoyance I'm running into with the beta 5 version of the map editor: Its not remembering what thing I last set, new things are always player 1 starts. Makes placing a lot of the same thing really annoying.
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby AtomicLugia » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:34 am

Making the "adjust" command work with multiple selections would save alot of time. It also messes up the offsets, which XWE doesnt. Also, there's no documentation for this command when I type "cmdhelp adjust".
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby Xane123 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:37 am

Today, I found a weird and somewhat-easy to replicate crash in SLADE, which I reported on the GitHub repository. Basically, download this PK3 from my game and open it in SLADE. Cut the graphics folder then undo your cut. SLADE will then crash. This doesn't happen with single files, only this folder full of hundreds of images.

Also, yes, I tried to force videos into GZDoom since PlayMovie is long gone (and really should be revived)!
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby Kappes Buur » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:00 pm

To compare several pwads, would it be possible to have them open in individual instances
of Slade3 as was possible with older versions of Slade, instead of in several tabs of one instance?
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby StevenC21 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:54 pm

Is SLADE3 still in development? It hasn't been updated in over a year...
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.1.2 Beta 5 (11/Sep/2017)

Postby Gez » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:04 pm

You can get your answer by looking at the development log on GitHub.
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