Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

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Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby youda008 » Wed May 22, 2019 4:45 am

I know this a wrong section, but for some reason i can't post in Software and Ports. If someone knows why, please tell me. Also feel free to move my thread as appropriate.

I was thinking how to contribute something to this community. I don't know a crap about Doom modding, but i can do some C++, so i decided to make a new launcher :D

Why the hell another launcher?

The motivation is rather personal. I simply don't like any of them.

ZDL is painful to use, because everytime i want to switch from one mod to another, i need to remove all the old files one by one and add the new ones one by one.
And this becomes increasingly important with mods like Complex Doom Clusterfuck, Brutal Doom with mutators, etc. Sure, it is possible to save & load the configuration,
but even that isn't super convenient.

Rocket Launcher is nice, and with its support of all the various Doom engines still has a strong place in Doom community. However the UI feels rather weird and confusing,
especially in that area of saving&loading configurations which is important for me.

I also tried ZDoom Executor. The idea about presets is awesome, but the execution is weird too, to this day i still haven't figured out how to use the tabs properly, not very
intuitive. Plus there is only limited number of them and they are named only by fixed numbers.

I also wanted to improve my C++ skill and learn some GUI programming, but that's irrelevant.
First i wanted to keep it only for myself, because everyone else seemed to be satisfied with ZDL, but then i thought why not, maybe somebody will find it useful.

Doom Runner

So there goes the Doom Runner - a modern Qt-based preset-oriented launcher, designed around the idea of one-click switching between multi-file modifications (Brutal Doom
with mutators, Project Brutality with UDV, Complex Doom Clusterfuck, ...) to minimize any repetitive work.

  • unlimited number of named presets
  • lists of IWADs and Map packs automatically synchronized with the content of a selected directory
  • drag&drop of files from a directory window to the mod list
  • direct map launch and multiplayer options
  • DM flags and Compatibility flags calculator with tooltips from official ZDoom wiki
  • preview of the final launch command with the option to export it to .bat/.sh shell script

Initial setup

Main screen - file selection

Launch options


Currently the launcher is still work-in-progress. Some features are not finished yet and the build is tested only on Windows. But a testing version is already available and I will be glad for any feedback and bug reports. I'm also open to suggestions for new features. You can either write it here or create an issue here on Github. You can also write me an email to or contact me on Discord as Youda#6731, but i preffer the first 2 options, so that your suggestions stay public and can be discussed by other users.

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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby wildweasel » Wed May 22, 2019 5:03 am

I like this concept and look forward to trying out when I get back home.
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby Darth_Anyan » Tue May 28, 2019 3:35 pm

Looks promising. Have you considered making recursive scan of maps and mods folders?

And also, when there are many mods, they are usually placed in sub-folders. I think it would be nice to have a tree list of mods with checkboxes instead of linear one, isn't it?

As for the maps - sometimes there are additions for specific map pack (e.g. additional soundtrack for SIGIL or additional levels for Alien Vendetta). If I understand correctly, they must be placed into mods subfolder, but perhaps a tree view could be of use as well?
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby Darth_Anyan » Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:34 am

Also a bug - DeHackEd patch must be added with -deh parameter, not -file. The example is Alien Vendetta
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby site » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:07 pm

Been using zdl for a long time but decided to try this out. The interface is nice enough to get me to consider porting over, but I have a couple suggestions for missing features that I like about zdl from my brief try

-Save last used mods on exit, have it set to go on reopen
-Ability to save a preset after I already have mods in the list, instead of it clearing out the mod list when I click the plus
-A minor thing, but if I have Use Absolute Paths selected in Basic Setup, it would be nice if that were saved on exit/reopen too

edit: sorry almost forgot one last thing, I have my IWADs just in the main gzdoom directory, and I tried using the "Auto-update IWAD list from directory" feature but it just loaded literally every file into the list. I'm not sure if it's expecting to be reading from a folder of only IWADs, or if it's supposed to be reading from the directory, identifying the IWADs and adding only them. But in case it is the latter and it's a bug, I thought I'd let you know
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby saegiru » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:01 pm

This is the first launcher I've found since ZDL that I actually could see replacing it. My biggest wish list for it would be be as follows:

1. Add the support to select and move multiple things at once. ZDL allows you to select multiple items, then move them up or down in the list at the same time. This only lets you move one item at a time, and that is not ideal for me.
2. Allow DM Flags and Compatibilty flags to be set separately instead of requiring using Launch selected map.
3. Option to add 'friendly' names to IWADs, like ZDL allows.
4. Possibly add command line support to load and run a specific preset? I use this function with the .zdl files in ZDL.
5. For map packs and IWAD lists, add support to display items from subfolders. I don't keep all my maps in a single folder, so that is very limited currently.
6. For the "Load Selected Map" option - add a text box so you can type ANY map name. Not all maps are the standard map names.
7. Save entries in the "Additional command line arguments" box. When I close and re-open the program, it clears that box.

That's about it for now. I hope you keep working on this, because it is a great launcher so far!
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby Awez » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:09 pm

Perfect, absolutely perfect. I've had the same issues with launchers as the ones you faced and I applaud you for taking it into your own hands and making it. Great work.
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby NightFright » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:47 am

I have tried many launchers, and this may finally be the one that has everything I want and need. You can set up mods for each iwad individually, mods can be toggled, there's a command line option for additional launch parameters and most importantly, settings are saved when exiting the launcher. On top of that, window arrangement is nice and not confusing, overview is maintained at all times.

Please don't stop working on this until it's finished since this is really good!

*EDIT Jun 18*
Something that should be added in a future version is searching all subdirs for wads, mods or maps. I have a folder structure like wads\pwad\doom1, wads\pwad\doom2, wads\pwad\heretic etc to keep the map packs for all different games apart. Currently, I can only select one of these, but not all (by using wads\pwad as root dir). Even better would be to allow game-specific map/mods directories (so that you only see those mods working with a specific game, e.g. only for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen etc).
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Re: Doom Runner (yet another graphical Doom launcher)

Postby NightFright » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:41 am

With latest update 0.9, I am no longer able to choose IWAD and PK3 extensions as IWADs. This is however required for The Adventures of the Square (square1.pk3) and the standalone release of REKKR (rekkrsa.iwad). Also manually adding files does not work since the file filter now only allows .wad files. I don't know what was the idea behind it, but sadly, I must consider this a downgrade and hope it's going to be changed again in the next update.

What I like is the new selector for config files, this helps me a lot since I have a separate GZDoom ini file for vanilla settings.
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