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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Postby biospud » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:16 pm

Fishbiter wrote:It should flip if you set openvr_righthanded to 0.

You can define locomotion onto the controllers. Maybe I took the wrong route here, but I just assigned the openvr inputs to appropriate looking existing inputs. It's confusing because some of those happen to be bound by default and some aren't.

Thank you for doing the hard part!

Thanks! I now got the left handed weapon sorted.

The BFG is such a huge weapon, but feels comically light with the Vive controller weighing just a few ounces (200g). It feels like it's just a cardboard shell. There's probably no way to add a five pound (2.5kg) weight to the controller automatically when selecting the BFG :D

I set up the controls as you suggested, so now it remembers. It would be nice if the initial controller configuration had bindings for menu, up, down, and select, so everything could be set up from from the first session in VR.

I wish the touch pad controls would only activate when I actually fully click the pad. Right now the actions I bound to the pad activate at just lightly touching the pad. Thus selecting items from the menu is a no go, because a slight touch causes the menu selection to zoom past multiple items. It is very frustrating, so I have to sit at the stupid old fashioned keyboard (remember those things?) to set up my options. Also, locomotion from the controllers is potentially a huge source of simulator sickness. Using a decisive, quantum gesture involving a full click for locomotion might reduce the potential for sim sickness. When I first tried moving a around at full speed, I very quickly developed a sweaty queasy feeling, which is concerning considering that I have a VR stomach stronger than about 90% of potential players.

I'm so pleased you figured out how to set the weapon direction independent of the view location. I wonder if there are situations where you might be able to place the weapon in locations where you could not place your viewpoint, and sort of cheat as a consequence.

Did you make those 3D weapon models? They are very nice.
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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Postby Fishbiter » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:32 am

The controls should work for the menu from the off. Is that a vive touchpad problem? It would be easy to make a click required. I've only used a vive for 5 minutes about 2 years ago, so I'm not sure what its control setup is like. I assumed it was normal to only require a touch since that seems to be the default in other VR games I've played...?

I'm kind of steering clear of trying to implement comfort stuff: I don't suffer any motion sickness whatsoever so it's hard to judge what to do beyond just blindly copying other games. The beauty of open source is that a sufferer can pick it up and fix for themselves ;)

I just found the weapons floating around online. I needed to resize/position them a bit: putting it in VR revealed you were riding around on a massive arm like a motorbike :D

Can I ask why development stalled previously? Did you ever have any discussions about getting this stuff into the gzdoom mainline?
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