Frank N. Stein - It's Fronkensteen![MultiMod]

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Frank N. Stein - It's Fronkensteen![MultiMod]

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More YouTube Videos
This is a homage to "Young Frankenstein", directed by Mel Brooks, so first credits go there.
Great Movie, feat. Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman, if you havent watched it yet, I would strongly suggest to do so :D

Look'n Feel:
To recreate the classic Horror Movie "Frankenstein Feeling":
Make it gray!
Lightning and Thunder!
Small animals like rats and bats!
Gray Skyboxes!
Grass and Bushes!
Breakable Windows and Glass doors!
More explosive Barrels!
Monsters will fade to gray when dying
Funky Weapons!
New Monsters!
and more MONSTERS!!! (of course, it's Fronkesnsteeeeen!)

Note: All this changes (except the textures for now) are done on the fly. Load up any map and the modifications will be applied.
Depending on used wad and textures, result may vary. The grayscaling of textures will ony work if DOOM IWAD (Doom, Doom2, TNT, Plutonia, Nrftl) textures are used.
Custom maps using these textures will also fully work.

V101: new HUD

An abnormal BRAIN!

D2 MAP01, Outside start area, Bars removed and replaced with glass, missing textures fixed, gray skybox, decals, grass.

More Screeneees
(I know what a wise man once said about stories in video games, but I dont care)
You are Fritz Frankenstein, Grandson of Frederic Frankenstein ("Fronkensteen") who was the Grandson of Viktor Frankenstein.
While working for the UAC, something went terribly wrong (SURPRISE!). Mutated Monsters broke out and the BrainBlob escaped.

Your Job is to clean up the Castle and kill a certain amount of Monsters. You cant exit the Map before your Job is done.
Collect abnormal Brains and squeeze them to extract Ammo (Gamma) for your new Weapons.
Frank N. Stein is your Companion. Use his Heart (Franks Herz) to summon him or order him to attack foes.

Weapons - (Waffen & Gamma-Geräte)
From left to right (upper left corner)
  • Frank Status: Green: Frank is alive. Red: Frank needs a time out. Gray: Frank is dead and his annoying moaning Ghost is chasing you.
    Kill Counter: Kills still needed to exit level.
    Braingain: Gained BrainGamma per second depending on kills/sec
    Bloodpool: Collected overheal. (WiP)
Frank N. Stein
The latest Creation of Doc Frankenstein is your strongest Weapon. Use Franks Herz -bound to "0" and point at an Enemy to make him attack that foe. Nice: Aggro is redirected, so the enemy will stop attacking you and go after Frank.
Fritz Frankenstein used an abnormal Brain for Frank, so you will have to use Franks Heart from Time to Time.
Frank has 3 different Attacks, he can take out bad guys pretty fast.
More Abilities of Frank:
Monsterhaut: Every time Frank gets hurt, he heals himself. Stay close to Frank and he will heal you too! (and supply you with Ammo). He is pretty hard to kill and you want to avoid that. Believe me, his Ghost is very annoying...
Zweite Chance: Your life saver: Instead of dying, Frank sacrifices himself to give a you second chance. It only works once per Map and your next death is for real.
If Frank is dead, Zweite Chance will call some empowered Pinkies to help you out.
MonsterAura: Frank has a healing Aura. Stay close to Frank and he will heal you and give you some Ammo at the same time.

Ammo Types
Saws: For Knochensaege (AltFire Doesnt need Blades)
Shells: For Shotguns AltFire
Gamma: Exttracted from Brains, used by every Weapons.
Where do you get Ammo?
Brains are spread all over the map and: Monsters drop their brains on death. Makes sense!

Mutated Monsters, Variations of known DOOM Monsters and some unknown creatures.
The Majority of the Monsters can be taken out easily, a few like the Deep One are harder. So take care.
BrainBlob: This one is evil. Will turn the Ground into a poison mess and revive Corpses.
Gimp: Flying monster, drops bombs that have the same Effect like the BrainBlob.

-Red Gloves: Teleport back to start point. Good for emergency actions. Kinda "Oh sh*t" button.
-Green Gloves: Teleport to exit. Will given to you if you use exit switch and havent kill enough monsters yet. Head back, kill more monsters and use the green gloves to teleport to level exit. Very convenient!
-White Gloves: Fly for a limited time.

Buffs (Upper right corner)
-Green: Damage Protection. Frank's Aura. Stay close to Frank.
-Blue: Frightener. Monsters will flee.
-Red Quad Damage.
improved hud
real pink: if Frank is to busy to help you out, some real pinky demons will spawn to assist you.
Frank's Heart: Bound to "Q" for quick access. Pressing Q again will swap back to your previous equipped weapon.
more tweaks
-A new HUD!
-Items! The Gloves
-New Monsters!
-More Glass!
-A LOT of small fixes!

DOWNLOAD Latest Version
You need latest GZDOOM and a DOOM wad, no maps are included. Tested with common wads like DOOM1, DOOM2, TNT, Plutonia, No rest for the living.
Please update wads to latest version, so fixes for missing textures etc can be applied by this mod. ... sp=sharing

There is so much stuff in this mod. I need to write a novel like Mary Shelley to describe it all.
If you like puzzles and a bit of (brain) challenge: Just try it.
If you dont like the style and just want a fast blast: Go for Nutifier or Russian Overkill :D
There are only a few options to configure. Feel free to post any suggestions.
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Re: Frank N. Stein

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Download added.
Its braintime!
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Re: Frank N. Stein

Post by lulle »

Big Update (see 1. post)
New HUD:
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Re: Frank N. Stein - It's Fronkensteen![MultiMod]

Post by lulle »

V110 ready to download. Better HUD+Items+Tweaks&Fixes

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