Jumping Flash Doom

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Re: Jumping Flash Doom

Post by Facínora »

Okay, I recorded a video with Jumping Flash Doom combined with Major Cooke's Minecraft Mania (Triple M) and it worked almost perfectly (Major said he's going to make an option to make the Minecraft mobs solid so we can jump onto them and inflict damage). But even without this mechanic it was very fun and addicting. The only real issue I had with Jumping Flash Doom is the fact that if we try to use the freeze console command the game crashes. anyway, good job.
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Re: Jumping Flash Doom

Post by tsukiyomaru0 »

Can't wait for Icarus to review this one. It has really good presentation and feel to it!

Only one thing: dunno if Jumping Flash had it, but make weapon select/deselect instant as there's no indication of which weapon you selected until the icon is highlighted.

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