DoomLess: SNAFU Cut v1.0 - Lethal Tender

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DoomLess: SNAFU Cut v1.0 - Lethal Tender

Postby LossForWords » Fri May 13, 2022 11:50 am

Here's something i've been working on for a while.
It's a fork of Doomless Warzone, but enough stuff's been changed to the point where i'm confident enough to call it it's own thing.
So: changes.
-Enemies have been given distinct colours, so you can have an easier time telling them apart.
-Physical projectiles (Rockets, BFG balls, flamethrower fireballs) now use custom damagetypes.
-Enemies can enter wounded/last stand states.
-Weapons that deal melee damage can knock out enemies.
-Non-mechanical enemies have a variety of custom death types. From fire, to poison, to chainsaws.
-Hitscan monsters (Except for Medic) have been fully replaced.
-Medic uses a 3-round hitscan attack telegraphed with a laser sight as his main attack, and has custom healing animations now.
-Made the Lost Souls less bullshit.
-Enhanced death animations for mechanical enemies. They can dramatically go kaboom now.
-New sprites for Flamethrower guy and BFG guy.
-BFG guy has also been... modified significantly. You'll see.

(weapon mod used: Atom Rain)

Known bugs:
-There's a handful of errors tied to a fix i made to make sure the Stasis Bow's attack actually stuns enemies. It's nothing to worry about.
Download Here.
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Re: DoomLess: SNAFU Cut v1.0 - Lethal Tender

Postby Spaceman333 » Fri May 13, 2022 9:00 pm

Hey neat, iirc Doomless was that mod that replaced all demons with regular human UAC military enemies. The original mod had some jank (hitscan hell + collision boxes were not accurate), so this new release is exciting to me!

Definitely going to give this universal Monster Replacer mod a spin! Thank you for making and sharing it. :thumb:
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