Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby MrRumbleRoses » Tue Feb 22, 2022 9:23 pm

RastaManGames wrote:
MrRumbleRoses wrote:it would be cool if there was like a mod addon or patch or something that makes this work with the WolfenDoom mods

I don't sure 'bout older ones, 'cause they are from "DeHacked Era" (if I remember correctly).
But there is "ZDoom Edition" of almost all "WolfenDoom" mission packs.
You can try them and see if they are compatible with "Samsara Re-Incarnation" mod.

that's kinda the same issue though. the SS Nazi's often are invisible and can't really do much. upon death there weapons don't count towards the ammo of your gun. the chandeliers are like solid objects when there normally not suppose to be. and that's only naming a few things
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Jeimuzu73 » Wed Feb 23, 2022 12:55 am

Minor suggestion, but can the scale of the text and images in the Compendium be made larger? Even in fullscreen it’s hard to read.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Linz » Mon Feb 28, 2022 7:21 am

You probably got a few questions like this already, but have you guys considered adding Joanna Dark?
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby FireSeraphim » Sun Mar 13, 2022 12:34 am

So far I've been enjoying my time with this new incarnation of Samsara, especially trying out mapsets with certain character and monster combination. (Zaero.wad goes really nicely with Bitterman and Hellfire - Dreams kinda works for Caleb, although it's a bit difficult even on lower settings).
Not to say that you guys have been doing a great job but where's Tal-Set or Joshua Fireseed, the bearer of the mantle of Turok? If there's anyone I feel is a worthy Samsara candidate, it would have to be Turok himself. Infact I think I have a few ideas for Tal-set's weapon slots, with Joshua Fireseed being a shadow fighter of sorts (like what you guys been doing with Gordon Freeman and Cpl. Adrian Shepard or vanilla Duke Nukem and his Life's a Beach version).
Allow me to elaborate, even if some of these don't really need too much explanation. The big thing that makes both Turok iconic is their arsenal, some of the most inventive weaponry in all of classic FPSdom come from these games what's there's not to like about playing as a dimension hopping native american with an inventive kick-ass arsenal that comes with alternate ammotypes and I believe Turok 1 was one of the first games to do alternate ammo type for their guns, it also brought us the infamous Cerebral Bore, a gun that fires a drone that targets foes heads and starts digging into their brain matter, leading to a cruel and gruesome death for the unfortunate sucker targeted by it and that's just one example of Turok's inventive arsenal.
  • Slot 0 - Tek Bows for both of them (The Bows would be their chainsaw equivalent)
  • Slot 1 - Knife for Tal-Set/Warblade for Joshua Fireseed (The Knife/Warblade would be their fist equivalent),
    Pistols for both of them (the Pistols in classic Turok were kinda strong in comparison to other classic fps)
  • Slot 2 - Auto Shotgun for Tal-Set/Shredder for Joshua Fireseed (My pick for their shotgun analogues, mostly to help them stand out a bit more in comparison to the rest of Samsara's cast, by just choosing these shotgun right away it frees up the SSG slot for the their true respective workhorse weapons from their original games)
    Assault Rifle for Tal-Set/ MAG60 for Joshua Fireseed (in Turok 1 and 2, both the Assault Rifle and the MAG60 are kinda the workhorse weapons of their respective games and frequently whipped out against medium tier foes. Hence why I chose them for the SGG Slot)
  • Slot 3 - Minigun for Tal-Set/ Firestorm Cannon for Joshua Fireseed (do I really need to explain my choice for the chaingun slot?, the Minigun and the Firestorm cannon both have some of the most satisfying dakka in all of classic FPSdom)
  • Slot 4 - Grenade Launcher for Tal-Set/ Scopion Launcher for Joshua Fireseed (this is where the differences really begin to show. I chose to give them different explosive weapons to make both of them more unique. It's not different to what the devteam did for Freeman and Shepard and their different rocket launcher analogues. In this case I chose the Grenade Launcher from Turok 1 for Tal-Set because it's actually the better explosive weapons in it's original game whereas Turok 2 nerfed the Grenade Launcher and made the Scorpion Launcher it's MVP when it comes to explosive weapons)
  • Slot 5 - Pulse Rifle for Tal-Set/Plasma Rifle for Joshua Fireseed (This is another demonstration of how their differ in terms of gameplay despite Joshua being a shadow fighter for Tal-Set, especially in their primary energy weapons, Tal-Set's pulse is more akin to doomguy's plasma rifle whereas Joshua's Plasma Rifle packs a powerful punch and is a great ranged weapon, especially with it's ability to snipe foes from a distance with a powerful plasma shot)
  • Slot 6 - Fusion Cannon for Tal-Set/Nuke for Joshua Fireseed (and now for my choices of BFGs for both of them, Turok 1 is interesting in having two BFG tier weapons but I've decided on the Fusion Cannon for Tal-Set to keep the play-feel between Tal-Set and Joshua different from each other, the Nuke is one hell of a BFG tier weapon though!)
  • Unique - Particle Accelerator for Tal-Set/Cerebral Bore for Joshua Fireseed (this is one of the more difficult of the two set of weapons to recreate in both Zandronum and GZDoom since the Particle Accelerator doesn't work exactly like an ice weapon at all and I recall one person actually attempted to recreate the Cerbral Bore in Skulltag back in the day and literally couldn't do it. I would be impressed if anyone succeeds in recreating the latter of the two suggested weapons)
  • Alt. Unique - Alien Weapon for Tal-Set/Charge Dart Rifle for Joshua Fireseed (I just think the Charge Dart Rifle is neat, especially when you use it to stun enemies for a bit so you can then swap over to another weapon to finish them off. Also the Alien Weapon is a great mid to late tier energy weapon.)
  • Punchdrunk - Mortal Wound for Tal-Set (Knife damage buff + Perm. Max Health increase to 120) /Razorwind for Joshua Fireseed (I kinda wrote myself into a corner here. Tal-Set really doesn't have access to any other melee weapons in Turok 1, As for the Razorwind I think it makes a great punchdrunk weapon candidate because it's a satanic hybrid between a boomerang, and a chakram and I still find myself wondering why no other FPS has had a weapon even remotely like the Razorwind)

I hope you'll consider this, my suggestions here for Tal-Set and Joshua Fireseed is kind of a rough draft here.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Sgt. Ham » Mon Mar 14, 2022 7:14 pm

Just a small request: since ammo types 1 + 2 are merged while playing as James Bond, could Slot 2 ammo boxes give the same value as Slot 1 boxes? I was playing through Requiem before my computer broke and having to rely on dual Walthers 90% of the time was really killing me.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby SyntherAugustus » Wed Mar 30, 2022 6:55 pm

So I found a hilarious exploit with Duke by accident.

If you kill a monster with the expander when it's close to other monsters, it will make their victims expand instead of just gibbing them. This can chain react all across the map. For a good laugh, load up nuts.wad and kill a few imps with the expander. That one imp death will lay waste to the whole map in minutes.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Geonightman » Sat Apr 02, 2022 1:01 pm

I've been mulling around an idea for a Duke Nukem 64 Variant to Duke Nukem. I don't know ACS like at all, so the best I could do is be an ideas guy, but here ya go.

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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Bruklenuts » Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:37 pm

have you guys considered adding a NAM class for this? i love NAM and would like the class to be playable in here.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby EddieMann » Tue May 24, 2022 2:28 am

3D models wouldn't load and strifeguy monster replacements are spongy as hell on higher difficulties. All of this on LZDoom and I'm not sure why.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0

Postby Geonightman » Wed May 25, 2022 8:43 pm

Thought I'd let you all know this has a slight flaw with Strife and Strife VE with anyone other than Strifeguy

Defeating the bosses does grant you the piece of Sigil you would have expected as a use item (much like the WAD intends), however the level flags check for the weapon; NOT the item.

You can play normally until you defeat the Programmer. From that point on, leaving the Castle will always warp you back to the fight between The Front and The Order.

There is an easy work-around for this until this is fixed: Use the 'lego' cheat to give yourself a piece of the actual Sigil after every point you would have received one normally. This will put it in your inventory in an unselectable slot and will properly set the flag.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

Postby Shiny Metagross » Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:38 pm

1.0b is now out!

Spoiler: Reincarnation 1.0b

Spoiler: Remixer 1.0b
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

Postby AvzinElkein » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:44 pm

I noticed that 4 of the five difficulty levels for "Random" are named after stages of enlightenment. What's "Jani" then?
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

Postby openroadracer » Thu Jun 23, 2022 5:34 pm

Dan Garner, 849, and the RtCW version of Blazkowicz?

I feel we might see "Serious Sam" Stone show up soon...
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

Postby Sgt. Ham » Fri Jun 24, 2022 12:26 pm

Shiny Metagross wrote:- Duke Nukem 3D strippers no longer open for Lo Wang

Kudos to the greatest patch note this year.
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Re: Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

Postby Rhiannon » Mon Jul 04, 2022 5:35 pm

Just saw this, my baby boy Kyle is all grown up and has a bunch of new friends, brings a tear to my eye...

Seriously though, this is quite an awesome compilation and update, great work! Funnily enough, I've had the Katarn itch semi-recently (even did another playthrough of Dark Forces not too long ago) but since I hadn't updated him in so long, I decided to start over from scratch and try to make a lil personal Dark Forces weapon pack while learning ZScript, but I've been off the horse for too long and programming really was never my thing, so it didn't get very far. Eager to play some more of this though and try out all the new characters since I last gave Samsara a go! Might even get some friends together for a co-op night. :D

If I could make just one request though, please add Ryan Cordell to the credits for his Dark Forces conversion mod! I used it as a base when creating the first versions of the Katarn addon, and given my knowledge of Doom modding at the time, I wouldn't have even gotten started without it. And if it's not too much trouble, could you update my name in the credits pretty please? Haven't gone by that old Riet name in a long long time.
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