Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

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Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Sangelothi » Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:10 pm

Echo Path is an old Goth themed weapon/monster replacement wad that I worked back in High School (I believe this was before zdoom had a proper reload key, or I was using Skulltag as my default port)
It was nearly complete, and I had a lot of help from Aenima on this project, so it has weighed on me that it never quite got to see the light of day all these years :(

Spoiler: Screenshots

It features:

-4 Playable classes each with their own Starting Pistol and pair of offense and support spells. Also their own combination of Assault rifle and Shotgun variant
-All New set of weapons
-All New enemy set
-Altered gameplay loop (HP/AP bonus function differently)
-Weapon Reloading
-A few powerups replaced
-Slightly Slower Player Speed/combat

Echo Path's combat has more weight to it than traditional Doom. Save Often. Weapons don't have large magazines, and reloading isn't snappy, hell the size of the gun you're putting away determines how long it takes to switch to the next gun (this is merely seconds, but it's still a thing) Enemies hit much harder, and the player won't find healing as abundant with the new HP/AP bonus system. This doesn't mean the player is designed to be weak though, your weapons pack a punch, and killing demons will earn you demonic points that after a threshold, will charge the player's mana so they can use their own powers! Echo Path is difficult, but the player will always spawn with half their mana pool to ensure they always have a head start

Reworked HP/AP Bonus. Bonuses no longer give the player 1+ hp/ap but rather store up in two separate pools now, once maxed out the player will receive the respective bonus, both will heal the player, but HP will cap out health at 200 and give the player invincibility for a short period, while AP heals most health and gives the only armor in Echo Path, which absorbs 95% of damage. This means healing is not as abundant and that the player will generally be taking full damage most of the time :D

Each Character has their own offense spell, support spell, and combination Shotgun and Assault Rifle. Here is where we reach unfinished territory, although each class is playable, not all their spells have been balanced or finalized (a few place holder spells and/or graphics) The altfire will use the player's offense cast, which takes a small portion of mana. The player must also bind a key for the support cast, which takes a larger portion of mana, but gives a powerful buff (god mode, fear, time freeze, healing) Mana is gained after enough demons are killed (larger demons giving more charge) The player will gain a health buff and ALL of their mana. It is encouraged for the player to use their casts as any mana not used will not carry over, the pool is simply maxed out for better or for worse. The shotgun and assault rifle are split into A/B variants that give each character their own combo. This was meant to expand over into more weapon classes to make Echo Path more replayable, but that never came to be as EP fell into development purgatory.

Feedback is absolutely appreciated! But it should be noted that Echo Path is not a work in progress, this project is dead. I made sure nothing was broken, but intend to leave Echo Path as untouched as possible. You will need to bind the reload key as this was made before said feature implemented. I am also aware of the oddities in EP like incorrect casing ejections and lens flare :mrgreen: , I just think it deserves to be enjoyed than collect dust forever :wub:
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Sangelothi » Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:18 pm

To Further Explain the hud just so you know what you're getting into

(1) Is the Mana Pool that recharges after enough kills are made, you will start with half of this which is enough for 2 support casts or several offensive casts

(2) Is the HP Bonus Icon/bar that rewards the player invincibility and health once filled

(3) Is the AP Bonus Icon/bar that rewards the player health and the only armor in Echo Path

(4) Is the demonic recharge Icon/bar the fills as the player gets kills (bigger demons net more charge) once filled the player will be rewarded with Mana, be sure to use your mana up before you get a demonic recharge, you will lose any left over mana

I hope this helps :D
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Vordenko » Fri Dec 03, 2021 12:54 pm

I always had a special place in my heart for oldschool style of mods, with the crusty sprites and animations.
Having said that though, this mod seems like it plays pretty fine, but there is some glaring issues that I recommend fixing to increase the playability of it for today's standards.

1.- It appears most, if not almost all sprites (Monsters, Weapons, Even the Menu graphics) are in the Doom Format (Paletted), this isn't something I recommend, personally, because it means in mapsets where there is a custom palette, they will all get their colors messed up. I recommend using SLADE to convert all sprites to PNG (Truecolor).

2.- Not sure what's up with the SmallFont in the mod (The one used for the obituaries), but it gets mixed up when playing with mapsets that have their own smallfonts too. I cannot open it to help locate the issue myself, since the mod is a .wad (And I'm locked to a tablet with DeltaTouch for the time being)

3.- The sprite on the "Eternal Vortex Cannon" gets cut off on widescreens. The rest of the sprites are widescreen friendly, but this one in particular isn't: ... 134726.png (Honestly, just a minor thing)

Eitherway, I know the project is dead and finished, but I think these issues would be quick enough to fix, although that would be entirely at your own judgement! At least the mod was released, it does look too solid to be left in the dust.
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Captain J » Fri Dec 03, 2021 3:09 pm

Despite it being unfinished, it played like a complete game to me. I mean i definitely enjoyed the whole thing about this mod! New and challenging enemy roster, powerful weapons with satisfying sound effects and also special powers. It's very useful when i happened to get surrounded by enemies.

There are two complains i would like to mention. First is grenade projectile. It bounces everywhere, comes back to me 99% and it never goes into the hole. Second is SMG being rather powerful than the burst rifle, unless it was intended.

You still got it, lad. Wonderful mod!
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby thugsta » Mon Dec 06, 2021 11:08 am

I loved this, it has a uniqueness and awesomeness to it. I hope you reconsider and work on this some more or make it a little more modern with like upgrading the reload to the native function now and into a pk3 format setup along with the other small fixes people have stated.

Again this was great, thanks for your work :) :wub:
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Sangelothi » Mon Dec 06, 2021 4:30 pm

Thanks y'all for the kind words! :mrgreen: If I do come around to updating EP to more modern standards, I'd do it after wrapping up NeoCore, both are essentially at the same stage at this point. Fairly close to the finish line, with NC nearing its final content update sometime early next year, assuming I get off my butt and hunker down to do some crunching/catching up lol

When the time comes I'll post about that in the proper thread. I'm happy that the HP/AP system has been a welcome twist! There are elements here that I'd like to incorporate into a future project :D
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Re: Echo Path, an old unfinished mod for your enjoyment

Postby Wivicer » Mon Dec 06, 2021 10:22 pm

I remember finding a download link to this in neocore's original thread way back when. It's nice to see it getting its own dedicated thread!
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