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PRD- Pretty Retro Doom

PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:25 pm
by kalensar
Unzip and load wad file with any Doom IWAD and custom maps with vanilla weapons and monsters. Only compatible with GZD or LZD due to heavy use of ZSCRIPT.

This Mod is a work of Text art. There is not a single piece of Sprites or Art in this entire mod. All special effects are done via the use of Decorate, Zscript and Dynamic lights and a Color Palette that gives the retro CRT coloring.

This is basically the smallest version of a Smooth Doom or Beautiful Doom type mod that one can make. Weighing in at 500kb this Wad Mod packs a magnificent punch for use of special effects, visual effects and smooth weapons and smooth monsters. I hope you enjoy this work of art of Scripting collected together in one place.

PRD- Pretty Retro Doom Credits

Weapons, monsters decorate- Kalensar
GLDefs- Kalensar

PalPlus-- CRT Color Palette

Better Fireballs zscript- Brettbot the Cryonaut
Better Plasma zscript- Brettbot the Cryonaut

Liquid Texture Pack 5.0 script assets (no art)-- Edited by Kalensar

Smooth Fluids (Fluid.pk3)- Lagi

Zandronum Dynamic Lights

Re: PRD- Pretty Retro Doom

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:59 am
by kalensar
Had to do a minor edit on some projectiles: Lower rocket speed, shrink Caco ball., ImpBall flame trail is less pronounced. Overall looks better and now the Cyberdemon won't have crazy rockets. This is supposed be vanilla style.