Xim's GZDoom3 for Classic Doom (Update 10/1/21)

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Re: Xim's GZDoom3 for Classic Doom (Update 10/1/21)

Postby kalensar » Fri Oct 01, 2021 6:35 pm

Just tested the Guns section because that was the area I adore even though this whole mod is awesome. Having a Doom styled Doom 3 mod is excellent.

My only real complaint is that the centered weapons are huge graphic downgrades from there original version q1.0 forms 😰
This applies mainly to the Pistol, shotgun, SSG, Rifle and Plasma rifle. I love the sprites for the Chaingun though. I enjoy those version 1.0 set so much that I'm building a custom version to satisfy my love of it.

All in all excellent job dude! I love your enthusiasm you show on this mod.
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Re: Xim's GZDoom3 for Classic Doom (Update 10/1/21)

Postby Nems » Sun Oct 24, 2021 7:28 pm

Took me longer to play through a megawad with this due to real life but here's some of my thoughts/critiques:

-I feel like the Plasma Rifle's rate of fire could be increased more. I remember Doom 3's Plasma Rifle having a pretty fast ROF, either about the same as the machine gun or a little below it.
-The BFG self-damage CVAR is very much welcomed. While it's still possible to kill yourself with a point-blank BFG blast even with self-damage turned off, the rays/balls coming from the main ball itself as it travels don't hurt/kill you, making it perfect for wiping out crowds of Hellspawn.
-The Blursphere spawn option is also very welcomed as in previous versions I had instances where the sentry bot unable to leave its spawn point. That and I find adrenaline more useful and fun. :P
-Huge kudos on being able to switch the Arch-Vile's behavior in the monster pack.
-Just a huge kudos in general for having all kinds of options. I'm a sucker for options in mods. :P

Haven't tried the Artifact yet but I'm gonna do that once I finish a playthrough I'm currently doing with a different mod. <3
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