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[Hexen] WERLBA Weapon Mod [v 0.21]

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2021 7:58 am
by alexsa2015sa
This is a weapon mod for Hexen written in Zscript. Currently it is nowhere near completion, but the way I structure my projects means its state is completely functional and any changes here are most likely to happen based on feedback.

I like a lot of things about Hexen, but weapon variety isn't one of them (only Heretic is worse about it, and yes I hoard tomes greedily why would you ask?). I am yet to see a weapon mod which solves the issues I perceive in a way I like. That said, I am open to suggestions if you don't like something and I happen to agree but have forgotten about wanting to do something about it (which happens all the time even with my extensive logs)

So far, you get a near-completely reworked weapon lineup for Mage. A brief description of changes:
- All six weapons have a main and altfire modes, often with melee option too. Slot 2 and slot 3 now have two alternate weapons drawing on same mana.
- Violet Staff is a new slot 1 weapon. It has capped range and its projectiles are slow, so no boring wand sniping.
- Sapphire wand is a Slot 2 weapon. Do tell me what you think on its current state, since I already have an opinion and it needs to be challenged somehow.
- Frost Shards melee is faster and can shatter statues to recover mana spent; ranged cone is tighter and stronger, but still worse than touch.
- Frost shards alternate raises ice pillars which will harm monsters on touch or explode into projectile shards when shot.
- Arc of Death now costs 7 mana. Once I figured out how to chain lightning, why not, really, it does a lot of damage.
- Arc of death alternate hurls ball lightning which will keep bouncing as long as it does damage, until it runs out of it.
- Hexfires are a new slot 3 weapon. Throws bouncing gravity-affected explosive fireballs.
- Hexfires alternate launches a homing fireball trail which keeps up chase the longer you hold aim on target.
- Bloodscourge releases a murderous flaming scourge which pulls you along for the ride. You can try correcting the stream vaguely in the direction you aim. Do try to avoid walls, or else. When scourge breaks up links work as expected, to an extent.
- Bloodscourge alternate launches a compressed scourge bomb which explodes blissfully away from you. It is less powerful (on paper), but safer.
- Flechette is unchanged. It will need a bit of effort to change execution to be interesting and useable, and I tend to hoard things enough as it is.

Planned is a similar rework to Fighter and Cleric weapons. Among other possible ideas is an expansion to 3 weapons per mana slot; unlikely given I am already low on ideas anyhow without making redundant weapons, but you never know.