Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

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Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Brohnesorge » Sat May 01, 2021 11:32 am

Its been 10 years since the Demons invaded Earth. Mankind is in a losing battle for survival. In that battle, one team of elite soldiers sees more action and more success than entire platoons. They get sent in when the brass needs...


Feet On The Ground is a hardcore tactical mod with elements of weapon maintenance, slow healing and careful gameplay. You will need to use your wits and tools successfully to survive. Each member of the team uses weapons developed from their country of origin, and has different strengths and weakness. The characters can not use each others weapons; cybernetic DRM prevents it.

As you use your guns, they get damaged and dirty. Regular maintenance is required to keep them in fighting shape! If a part of a gun falls below 50%, it can not longer be maintained and must be replaced with a Repair Kit.

There is a weight and stamina system. Some characters are too tall for smaller maps, so make sure you have Allow Crouch set to Yes in Gameplay Options.

Gun Controls
    - The Use key must be used to manual pick up items.
    - Alt Fire is weapon functions. This usually does nothing or works the action.
    - Zoom drops your gun and draws your pistol.
    - User 1 throws grenades. Hold it to throw a Flashbang instead.
    - User 2 is weapon maintenance. While in maintenance, Main Fire skips to the next step and Alt Fire ends it prematurely.
    - User 3 drops ammo for your gun
    - User 4 unloads and drops your gun

The Team

The Weapons & The Gear
The Team uses recrafted weapons from the past, modernized with nano-tech to successfully interface with the weapon status hardware of your gloves allowing status reports to be displayed on the HUD of your helmet.

Items are not used from ZDoom's inventory system, instead slots 8, 9 and 0 are for using and managing them.


Please note, this mod is very much in an Alpha state. This means some things may be buggy or janky. Please keep that in mind.

Play list of me playing this through Moonblood with all three characters!

Tips and Tricks

TODO in no order
-Resprite Pistols
-Add hands to all sprites
-Redraw all weapon sprites
-Add Ofek
-Add The Soldier who is customizable
-Slot 7 Super Weapons
-Demon item corruption mechanic
-Make a good mod for once
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Dr_Cosmobyte » Sat May 01, 2021 11:47 am

Did you say... hardcore tactical? Just by being a new mod by you, you already had my curiosity, now you have my full attention.

Downloading this now =)

EDIT: Okay, so... it doesn't work with LZDoom due to A_OverlayScale =(

Well, i can wait. =p
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby That0neBr075 » Sat May 01, 2021 2:04 pm

Can't say I'm of fan of having to maintain my lead dispensers, but outside of that the gunplay feels GREAT
Excellent work, more high quality tactical doom mods are always rad!
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby cdru » Sun May 02, 2021 12:54 pm

I played a few levels, and I liked it. But I think that gun maintenance feels too trivial, since it doesn't cost anything in resources. It would also be nice to have explanation on what the HUD elements mean
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Doomguy914 » Mon May 03, 2021 3:15 pm

I'm giving it a go on memento Mori and I have to suggest, less weapon degradation, and making repair kits a rarer spawn. As it currently is, having to clean an assault rifle after one or 2 magazines is very unrealistic. Also, shotgun shells are overly abundant. Not only do Shotgunners drop shells around them when they die, but if you really wanted to, you could unload the shells from the various shotguns that will drop from enemies in maps. Although I do find it amusing that carrying a little over 500 shells, is about as encumbering as a single medkit, and no, I didn't have to unload the dropped shotguns to amass that much ammo. :lol:

Also I'd suggest a key command for stripping a weapon prior to picking it up, so you don't have to constantly drop your good weapon, pickup the new one, press the unload/drop weapon key, rinse and repeat 20+ times. Scavver's Paradise does something similar to that where you can press a key to unload and scrap a weapon when you use the default pickup bind.

Other suggestions and hopes for the future would be the following: Randomized weapon quality upon pick-up, non-floating weapon drops, as you already mentioned, you're working on more sprite-work for held weapons, etc. I'm really loving what's available so far. :D
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Jeimuzu73 » Thu May 13, 2021 6:04 am

Brohnesorge wrote:Wilhelm Stroheim, The German
Name: Wilhelm Stroheim
Codenames: Tinman, Terminator, Cybog, various movie robots
Cyber Percent: 96%
Demon Percent: 0%
Status: Active
Specialty: Light Machine Guns

I see what you did there. I knew he didn’t die at Stalingrad in 1943- they rebuilt him, changed his name and froze him 200 years later!
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Captain J » Sat May 15, 2021 1:17 pm

This mod is really detailed and makes you think the best method to maintain your weaponry or else they might get broken and soon they'll break you at critical times. Also i kinda like the idea of having texts to indicate health and armor instead of number. I'd prefer the number, but this is doable.
Spoiler: And so i tinkered around with the weapons and stuff and here are things to point out.
And there we go! Good mod overall. I really dig the various and satisfying sound effect!
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Re: Feet On The Ground - A Hardcore Mod 0.0.1

Postby Doomguy914 » Sat May 15, 2021 3:14 pm

I actually had another idea since there's so many weapon drops.

Instead of scavenging repair kits from random backup + ammo spawns, what if you salvaged weapon parts off other weapon drops themselves? And instead of upgrading your reload/cleaning/ weapon proficiency through the use of a single weapon, tie it instead to how much you utilize the weapon type. It doesn't really make sense from a technical point that you can only become an expert using the EXACT weapon you've been using all along, if all the weapons around are completely the same.

Maybe another way to balance that would be with proficiency drop-off if you don't use the weapon very often. And repair kits can instead be a different pickup used to upgrade weapon proficiency.

For example: as the female Russian character I primarily used the shotgun. There was ammo all over the place for it, and I rarely had to repair anything. Just a lot of cleaning. As I kept using that weapon I noticed very rapidly that I decreased the time it took to clean and maintain that weapon. But that was just with the shotgun, because I never had to empty other shotguns because of the abundance of ammunition for it, so I never had any need to drop the shotgun from my inventory.

However, when emptying magazines from other machine guns and submachine guns, I would constantly have to ditch my good weapon in a certain spot so I didn't accidentally lose the machinegun, submachine, etc. that I'd already been working on upgrading. It feels a little pointless to have that leveling system be tied to specifically ONE weapon of that type. It would be more convenient and better balanced to have random weapon and part durability on pickups, and use repair kits as upgrade kits instead.

I love the idea of this mod because it takes heavily from Hideous Destructor without being the Keybind Hell that is HD. I absolutely can't play that mod because I have tiny hands, just like the old Burger King commercials! :lol: :oops:
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