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[WIP] [Hexen] [v 0.03] ERLBA Monster Pack

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 6:59 am
by alexsa2015sa
This simple Zscript mod adds ~56 monster variants for Hexen: +9 ettins, +14 serpents (Demon1 and Demon2), +10 bishops, +5 afrits, +6 centaurs and +6 slaughtaurs. They are introduced gradually as you advance through the maps in a given playthrough, but even the basic varieties are tweaked. Like Chaos Serpent gaining the D'Sparil triple shot.

There are really only three good things about the mod:
1) It. Is. So. Damn. TINY. No sprites, no brightmaps, no dynamic lights, completely nothing at all and the one sound I included is there because I have not figured out how to cut/pitch/etc it the way I like it yet. Only preexisting HEXEN.WAD assets and a little bit of elbow grease. The quality is debatable, but I honestly do not care for detail over gameplay.
2) It doesn't break stock Hexen scripts like a default unhandled RandomSpawner does and they work exactly as intended. This means Gibbet bug is still there, which is a bit annoying to keep exactly 3 serpents but not hard-locking.
3) Difficulty is overall increased. Except centaurs, because to hell with bInvulnerable (and they are not). That said, Hexen weapons are so overpowered you won't have much problems regardless. Health increases are modest, nothing a Quietus blast can't handle, at worst you'll need several hammers if you don't axe the problem, or mage choosing weapon carefully.

Known issues:

1) This is a beta release; functional, but at minimal level. No Options menu currently exists. Which is, uh, the question; what options would you suggest to introduce, beyond scaling speeds for new variant introduction and variant reordering / bans (I managed to create some monsters I hate but might be appreciated by others, like I managed to increase Darkmere and Caves of Circe difficulty by accident)?
2) Since mod currently uses magic numbers tailored for Hexen.wad for enemy scaling, enemy lineup may progress badly otherwise. "summon allrainbow" if you really want everything really now. Fair warning, you will need something better than starting weapons in several cases.
3) The bosses are kept intact... for now. It is not like I can't rewrite them later. They are all one-dimensional to deal with, and I do mean all including Heresiarch. There is nothing wrong about it, but why stop at just monster variants I guess?
4) bShadow property is completely ignored when many monsters aim. Should do something about that, I guess.
5) Naming sense. I am really, completely and undoubtedly magnificient at doing that. Badly.
6) Mod uses an event handler to suppress any and all possible monster replacements. If something else breaks because of this... um. I would not do this if it was not absolutely needed to overwrite the DECORATE ones, since the load order didn't seem to cut it no matter how I tried.

Main changes for 0.03:
- Heresiarch reworked
- Added more interesting variants
- Added generic fire death

Anyways, enough with words, try out the mod and tell me what you hated/liked about it!

Download link:
Current (v0.03) ... tn3XtDN5h0

Older versions:

Re: [Hexen] [v 0.02] ERLBA Monster Pack

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2021 7:48 am
by alexsa2015sa
Download link (v0.02) ... StmSry7VG4

Changes for 0.02:
- Extra centaur variant
- Brown Serpent breath fixed
- Some color schemes changed

I may admit I did not expect to have any feedback quickly and I was busy anyhow, but it honestly looks like no one noticed the mod to begin with and most of the views are bots, random lurkers and maybe staff. Uh, alright, I guess? There *is* a reason version number is so lo, I do plan for more stuff in here.

Re: [Hexen] [v 0.03 - Heresiarch added] ERLBA Monster Pack

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:46 am
by alexsa2015sa
Download link (v0.03) ... tn3XtDN5h0

Changes for 0.03:
- Heresiarch rework. Now has random set of runes to blast you with, and classic attacks are stronger.
- Generic fire death for monsters. Nothing very interesting, but ashes are certainly tidier than guts everywhere.
- Added several vaguely interesting monster variants, like hook ettins. Total +20 new monster variants
- Still no options menu because I keep getting distracted with pretty recolors.
- Added a level postprocessor "fixing" Shadow Wood ettin chasm... because why not?

Anyways, feel free to try it out and leave your feedback if possible. (Sidenote: Making screenshots is way too hard... I'd rather write code all time instead)