Angelic Aviary v0.93.1 (11/09/21, Minor update)

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Re: Angelic Aviary v0.93.1 (11/09/21, Minor update)

Postby CherubCorps » Wed Nov 17, 2021 4:33 am

barosans wrote:hello CherubCorps
i play your mod with the spaghetti weapons viewtopic.php?style=12&f=43&t=69407
and i get this bug
this happend when you get three images of ice with the slotgun to freeze the enemies

The tick speed of ice is decreased in Angelic aviary which might be causing the problem. Even after changing the tick speed and fixing that bug, they are other bugs in Spaghettis weapons which cause crashes as well. Might be related to the order in GZdoom, the edition of GZdoom or conflicting code. If I can fix the problems, I'll fix them, but making AA 100% compatible with an experimental mod is low on the priority of things to do and fix.
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Re: Angelic Aviary v0.93.1 (11/09/21, Minor update)

Postby barosans » Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:01 pm

ah well
I liked to use the weapons mod against the angels, especially with the RPG controller against them
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Re: Angelic Aviary v0.93.1 (11/09/21, Minor update)

Postby Shatter-Thought[V-4] » Thu Nov 25, 2021 11:15 am

I've been enjoying this latest iteration of this mod quite a bit, but I do have a few points:

The Virtue Virgin is pretty cool in it's concept, getting stronger as she gets damaged, but I honestly think her overall max strength and speed should be reigned in just a few hairs, as a number of maps put in multiple "Hell Barons" in certain trap rooms, and that many VV's can be deeply aggravating with their spread shot, especially as you anger them, turning those fights into a little too much RNG I feel.

The super version of the cacodemon replacement that turns to stone after being killed is a very neat idea, but it can quickly turn to be way more annoying if killed in the wrong place. I would recommend that they can only come back from a stone state with damage once or twice, anymore then that can be a nightmare to deal with in more cramped passages or clustered fights where you need maneuvering room desperately.

The arachnotron replacement, the Ophanim, are pretty cool for the most part, but when they go full nuts with their projectiles, they turn almost any area into a difficult to avoid killzone that's insanely hard to avoid, especially in a hallway. I can just as easily run into a Ophanim placed a good distance on a sniper hill, or some distance away down a hallway, backed by other enemies to delay me, and be annihilated with zero chance to escape or defend myself.

I would suggest that they can only perform these "million eyes open" moments for a few seconds at a time, also they can be annoying when they start this attack but do not stop even if the player is completely hidden by cover, leaving them to wait for several seconds before the attack stops which can be annoying to wait out.

I suggest that the Ophanim should stop this super attack if they are not in line of sight of the player for 3-4 seconds, just to keep a player on their toes, but not keep them waiting in uncertainty. This is also a good idea so the pain elemental replacement in some situations can't just keep resurrecting angels in an area that's un-safe with one or more Ophanim bathing it in hitscan AND projectile bullets.

Anyways, it's still a very cool mod overall, and I look forward to playing further refinements!
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