Angelic Aviary v0.9 (Enemy replacement mod)

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Re: Angelic Aviary v0.9 (Enemy replacement mod)

Postby openroadracer » Tue Sep 14, 2021 7:18 pm

CherubCorps wrote:So the Great Seraph will have custom art, I'm just using her base form as placement until I finish the artwork. In the way the Crucified Seraph is a depiction of Jesus during the crucifixion, the Great Seraph will be based on Jesus as the king of kings in fancy robes and jewelry. In addition, all of her wings will move. Her behaviors and attacks will be slightly changed as well.

Her art will be in update 0.91 along with a bunch of other stuff and goodies.
Ah, so I'm not even that far off. Cool.

Just remember what I said about making the Queen of Queens different from the Great Seraph. They're three escalating tiers of threat. They need to be able to be identifiable as different threats by eye.
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