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Re: [V0.57b 6-30-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 1:41 pm
by Mememind343
Im just here saying that this is one of my favorite mods ever.

I love the animations,sounds,gameplay flow, graphics, everything just feels amazing and seeing the new stuff being shown in this thread and the yt channel just makes me love this mod so much more.

This mod has some of the best gun sounds and animations that I have seen yet.
I love the variety of gameplay.

I just cant say what else I love. I just love this mod and I will support this mod's future.

I kinda want to make a yt video of this mod.

Re: [V0.57b 6-30-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:34 pm
by -Ghost-

I know it's been awhile since our last news update, but the team's been hard at work overhauling the rest of the arsenal, as well as constant bug fixing and balancing work. The current build, .59a has lots of changes and some major reworks of gameplay mechanics, as well as some new content and replacement sprites, sounds, and effects. Please welcome our new Plasma Lance weapon!


* Primary Fire button is for shooting it, Alt fire for aiming down the scope.
* Pressing the special action button will switch between Anti-Personnel and Anti-Materiel Mode.
* While in AM mode, you need to hold you primary fire button in order to charge it. Once it's fully charged, you can
release the button when needed to shoot the charged beam. But be careful: the longer you hold the full charge, the
faster the weapon will lose durability. You can also press special action button while fully charged to cancel the
* AP mode inflicts less damage, consumes 10 cells and has a faster rate of fire.
* AM mode inflicts a ridiculous amount of damage, consumes 50 cells and has slower RoF.
* Both attacks pierce through enemies, doors and most reasonably thick walls.
* You can press the "Weapon Zoom" button (gzdoom native) while using the scope, to change its zoom level
(2x,5x,10x). The weapon will always "remember" the last setting you used. The default one is 5x.

Some gameplay teasers:

New modular rifle system and sprite:

Assault Shotgun rework (WIP):


- Overpenetration feature: heavier calibers like .500 S&W, Shotgun Slugs and 7.62mm rifle rounds now have the ability of going through an enemy and hit what's behind it, given that at the time of impact, the enemy had less health than the bullet's damage. After each penetration the bullet will lose more and more momentum base on how much health the enemies had, until it will just stop. Some special bullets like the ETC-powered rounds won't follow these rules, and they're specifically made to penetrate more easily through multiple monsters.

- Sentry Turrets now use their own ammo type, so they can't just destroy everything forever if you put it on the right spot. You automatically get ammo for them by picking up new turrets, although we're also considering the possibility to craft them through the survival kit.

- You can now repair vehicles through the survival kit's pliers. Costs 1 scrap metal per 100 health.

- The Nuke Lancher has been removed in favor of a new ammo type for the Rocket Launcher, Thermobaric Warheads, which have pretty much the same effects (since the original "nukes" behaved more closely to this kind of bomb). You can switch your rocket type with the usual "special action" button.

- The "Use to Pickup" addon has been integrated into LitDoom. This customized version of the addon is optimized to work with the mod and prevents certain "placeholder items" from being detected. This feature can also be disabled and customized in the mod options menu, just like the original addon.

- New weapon scavenging feature: to reduce the feeling of weapons "disappearing into nothingness" when killing zombies, they now have a chance of dropping broken variants of them instead of nothing at all. You can use your survival kit's pliers to collect the still intact weapon parts from them, and once you have enough, you'll automatically craft a "barely functioning" weapon of that kind, meaning a weapon with its durability almost depleted. After that, you can repair the newly crafted weapon by the usual means, OR, you can keep collecting weapon parts to repair the specific weapon you're collecting parts for.

- New ballistic physics implemented. Now every weapon using bullets has different starting muzzle velocity, range, and trajectory arc depending on the ammunition's' caliber, mechanism, barrel length, and so on.

- For an added cost in stamina, you can now perform the "sprinting stab" for the knife while jumping, and not only while sprinting.

- Numerous improvements to sprites, sounds and effects, as well as balancing and bug fixing

Re: [V0.59a 12-2-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2022 11:57 pm
by -Ghost-
Quick update on some of the upcoming additions to the mod!

- Completely revamped the Armor System:

*You can't wear an armor suit on top of another, unless it's just "uniform tier"
*You can now drop the armor you're currently wearing, and it'll preserve the amount of armor it previously stored(God bless @Dithered Output#1131 for helping me with that one)
*Uniform, Light, Medium and Heavy Armors now have specific caps to their maximum armor points values: 100 for uniforms, 150 for light armors, 250 for medium armors and 400 for heavy armors

- Armor Shards can now be carried to repair your armor when needed. They can only be assembled on top of an
existing uniform or armor, though.
- Remade & improved graphics for armor suits and uniform pieces.
- You can now dismantle armors through your survival kit to obtain a good portion of the armor points it stored in the form of armor shards (not all of it).
- Armors variants added and remade for each armor tier: they will come with different items attached to them and you'll only pick up what you can carry, while the rest will be dropped on the ground.
- You can now carry painkillers in your inventory, to gobble on those PEELZ when you need them.
- Removed the Tech Armor: it's been replaced with a rare Portable Force Field Generator that when activated will absorb most of the damage you receive while eating your energy cells' reserve. It will also react every time any attack goes past its defenses, shocking any nearby enemies.
- Added some particles when you break soul crystals (cheers and credits to @Dox778).
- New sprite for the ammo bandolier.

- Uniform-tier armor only absorbs 25% of incoming damage.
- Space Marine starts with a bit longer lasting battery charge.

- Conditions like bleeding and poison are automatically cured once you clear the map from monsters and the reward menu pops out.

Sneak peak of the new BFG (before being converted to 2D):

Re: [V0.59a 12-2-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2022 10:10 am
by ezedrommond
I love this mod. To me, it's the perfect middle ground between Brutal Doom and Hideous Destructor. :rock:

Re: [V0.59a 12-2-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:02 am
by Netheritor
What's the empty vial do?

Re: [V0.59a 12-2-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Game

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2022 7:38 pm
by -Ghost-
Netheritor wrote:What's the empty vial do?
You use them to gather chemicals from different monsters, etc. to create other things.

if it helps, here's a basic copy of some of the things you can craft!

Also new minor update, difficulty settings are now more scalable than ever! The green difficulties only adjust enemy spawn amounts, while the orange and red have special challenges built in. You can customize the mod to your liking now depending on what specific, tailored experience you'd like to have.