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Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:03 am
by user5124
This mod is something special. Thank you for adding another great mod to my very short list of worthwhile top quality doom mods.


Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:07 pm
by user5124
I may have found a bug? I picked up a plasma rifle (slot 6) and then my current weapon lowered off the screen as per the weapon change animation, but never came back up.

Since then I can't use any menus like crafting menus, can't bring up any weapons, etc. :|

EDIT: It seems that already having a plasma rifle causes a problem when picking up another one. If I drop the plasma rifle I already have, then pick up the second one, there's no problem.

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:09 pm
by -Ghost-
Hey, thanks for the bug report, I'll let the others know!

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 1:11 am
by Morter
For some reason, in Video Mode, I'm missing "Scaled Nearest"

My resolution is 1920x1080 and the menu is wacky. I tried following the instructions and the video but I'm just missing that option under "Resolution scale"

My options are:
  • Normal
    Lowest Possible Scale
What am I missing and how can I fix the main menus? :(

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 3:34 am
by Valken
I think the idea is really good. Survival horror, Brutal gore and heavy chucky feeling weapons.

It has that 80s/90s action movie feel, like in Die Hard when John McCain was taking out the thieves in Nakatomi Plaza... (someone please make this map for Doom)...

Should add Darkdoom or randomize the darkness to make it even more tactical.

I can see this being a basis for a Resident Evil or Silent Hill horror survival action mod...

Would you consider to expand the monster arsenal like Project Brutality or can we use a Brutal Doom monster addon like this mod: ... -expansion to give it more variety?

Or any of the community made BD weapons addons?

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 9:23 am
by dawnbreez
Having played this with a couple different mapsets, I'm enjoying this so far. The animations are shockingly good (although the animations on picking up a new weapon have gotten me killed on occasion) and the overall balance is...interesting.

I think that the one issue I have with the mod right now is that bandages and other key medical supplies are RNG. Imps and Pinkies apply bleed all the time, and there's several enemies that apply poison too (the trites in particular are nasty), and all of these are common enemies in many mapsets. However, whether I have enough bandages to keep myself alive is a matter of what spawns on health pickup spots--maybe I'll have more bandages than I know what to do with, or maybe I'll die a minute or so into the level because I got hit with a lethal laceration and all I have are the standard medkits (as opposed to the health backpacks). On the flipside, I might have tons of bandages, but be low on health, because bandages don't recover all that much HP (they're more useful for stopping bleeds). Or, even worse, I might have enough bandages to get by, but not enough to risk wasting them when I'm not bleeding yet!

It gets even worse with poison. Toxic damage is even harder to get rid of because you can't simply bandage yourself up and call it a day; you need a healthpack to stop poison. And it's even worse than regular bleed--because on top of *causing* bleed sometimes, it has effects ranging from stamina drain to blindness. And because the healthpacks are even harder to find than bandages, if you get poisoned after you've already burned through your healthpack trying to stay alive, you're kinda fucked. Even if you don't run into any trites, hurtfloors can cause poison, even when you're not standing directly in the nukage (toxic fumes are a detail I appreciate, even if it's a pain in the ass to deal with :P )

What I'd suggest for this is:
  1. Remove the small/medium health pickups entirely. Replace them with portable health stims, bandages, health packs, and anti-hazard stims (which should remove poison on use, if they don't already)
  2. Alternatively, make bandages free. You already have to go through a fairly lengthy animation to bandage yourself, and bleed is common enough that the player really *should* always have something to stop their bleeding.
  3. As a hybrid of the above two options, you could have some kind of first-aid kit that replaces the current bandages, with "improvised" bandages being free to use (with the drawback being that improv bandages don't restore health, they only stop bleeding).
  4. EDIT: You could also create a single "Medical Supplies" inventory item, and have all of the standard health pickups add to that item. This way, you'd still have small health packs that give 10 HP, medium health packs that give 25, and large health packs that give 100--but now *all* of them function like the large health pack, without having to clutter the inventory with additional packs.
...speaking of the anti-hazard stims, I'm having some trouble getting the crafting system to work. I'm not sure how precise I have to be when placing the items--I can't seem to put them directly into the machine.

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:55 pm
by Rodman909
Found a little quirk when playing with Doom 64 Consolation Prize. Because text intermissions are counted as levels, you get a 100% kills reward for watching them.

Re: [V0.55a 1-3-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 10:26 pm
by -Ghost-
Thanks for the feedback, all! Keep it coming!

Good news, mod build .57 is live! Link here: ... Q-Bq07c25c ... sp=sharing

Numerous bug fixes and polishing, as well as added bear traps, survivalist crafting kit, improved SSG with new mechanics, and new knife sprites with combo systems.


The new Survivalist Kit will allow the player to craft basic items out in the field without the need for a UAC Recombiner, enabling earlier crafting.


The super shotgun is now more of an ancient, demonic artifact than a simple firearm. It can switch between a ranged and melee attack, with each kill powering the weapon up so the war club mode gets buffed, eventually letting you overcharge it for devastating melee attacks!


The new and improved Rocket Launcher is now a high powered, single shot anti tank rocket launcher with a realistic reload, as well as its own jamming/durability animations.


Grenade Launcher previews:

Preview of the new knife sprites and combos:

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 5:46 am
by Mnemnon
Really nice update, I find those new features and additions quite fitting, although some issues from previous releases are still present:
-buff the SMG, because it's still assault rifle's poor cousin: damage dealt is low, accuracy is mediocre and the durability is extremely bad. Although it can be useful when dealing with multiple low-HP enemies (trites and lost souls) the durability issue still remains, so my proposal would be to buff it, preferably by making it degrade slower.
-repair device - it would be really cool to be able to craft it. Although in this update you added the possibility to manually repair some weapons, this ability is still less effective and limited to some player classes. Manufacturing the repair kits could be limited by making it somewhat costly with materials, to balance it a bit.
-loot crates spawned in the levels and keys to them - I suppose it's a design choice, but I find it unnerving to stumble upon as much as 4-5 crates per level and at the same time having keys spawn rarely from dead enemies. My proposal would be to remove the having-a-key requirement and make randomly generated crates a different type from the ones received for killing all the foes, i.e. you can always open them, but they will contain only one or two loot items.
-the amount of explosives types has been increased but I still would like to see molotov coctails added, it would fit with the scavenger-like weapon set. It could be similar to explosive vials - less effective, but also cheaper to craft, e.g. [3x fabric] + [1x bandages] + [1x fuel]
-knives - still a weak melee weapon when it comes to damage dealt and durability, especially compared to chainsaw and OP fire axe. Buff the damage or add a possibility to make it stronger, e.g. by crafting poisonous or enchanted versions of them.
-sacrificial daggers and altars - too many of the former, too little of the latter. Maybe make it possible to use the daggers as a resource to craft better knives, as I mentioned earlier. Being able to craft a powerful enchanted sword (using some kind of "infernal energy" as ammo) would be really cool ;)

That's all for now, keep up the good work :)

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 2:35 pm
by Grey-Wolf
Hey, lead developer of the mod here.
I don't want you to take this as an offense, but I do not agree with almost everything you just said, the exception being the Altars/daggers issue, which is a feature we had already planned to revamp.
Don't get me wrong, I value users' feedback, but in this case I simply fail to find any meeting points between our opinions. I'm gonna explain you why:

- You say the SMG is an "assault rifle's poor cousin", but guess what: this is what they are in real life. They're supposed to be lighter, weaker (since they use lesser calibers) and more compact which will also affect accuracy because of their shorter barrel lenght, making them the weapon of choice for close range combat situations. Gameplay wise though, it's still FAR from useless, being superior to the pistol in almost every aspect (damage per single bullet, rate of fire, magazine capacity), and only having SLIGHT worse accuracy than it, meaning you can safely oneshot or burst-shot most basic enemies like zombiemen, sergeants and brown imps even at medium range. Not only that, the Suppressor upgrade also gives it not only the ability to shoot silently to avoid alerting enemies, but also a slight boost in damage and accuracy (longer barrel = higher starting bullet velocity and steadiness) and also a second durability bar, since the suppressor once mounted, also acts as a compensator, absorbing the stress from firing the weapon instead of the weapon itself. This basically nullify even the little disadvantage it had before mounting one. The weapon's BASE durability is indeed kinda bad, but this is to prevent the pistol from losing all its purpose, since if you take away its reliability, the SMG will be preferred in any situation, while my aim is to give each weapon a reason to exist even in a endgame situation. What I've just said is especially evident if you tweak your difficulty settings to have rarer ammo and resource spawns, which means you'll want to avoid wasting precious 7.62mm heavy rounds on weak unarmored enemies, clearing the way to a more careful need to manage your equipment.

- The repair device IS craftable via the Recombiner, and its recipe is present in the crafting guide/list. 'Nuff said.

- You're not supposed to being able to open all the crates you see. If you really find that unnerving, you have the possibility to forcefully bust them open using any weapon (axes and chainsaws work best for saving ammo). This of course will have a high chance of destroying its content, but sometimes you could get a nice surprise when you least expect it. We plan to add other way to open them in a more safe way, but I don't intend to remove the key requirement since your options to take your risks are already there for you.

- As you already said, there are a lot of different explosives already, and we're trying to avoid redundant content. While I see why you would like a cheaper version of the Hellfire Vials, I also think that filling another weapon slot with something that's just "something already implemented but weaker" feels a bit like bloating the arsenal for no apparent reason, even more so considering it would need more sprites and animations dedicated to them.

- Knives are far from weak if used well, and they're found more commonly compared to the rarer axes and chainsaws, which makes them a very reliable mean to face lower tier enemies without wasting ammo. It makes perfect sense they're still weaker than axes and chainsaw when it comes to damage per hit and range, and I don't see a single reason why it shouldn't be like that. Despite this, some form of upgrade for them is already planned for the future. Not poison though, it's redundant considering the charged alt attack already inflicts wounds that bleed over time (something axes can't do by the way).

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 5:57 pm
by -Ghost-
Yeah, I'd say one of the biggest advantages for the knives is you can throw them, giving you potentially longer range than any of the other melee weapons. It's usually a reliable kill for lower tier enemies as well if you can hit the head, and that can be enough to let you dart forward to grab the weapon, ammo, HP, etc. you need to keep moving.

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 1:41 am
by Mnemnon
Grey-Wolf wrote:...
Okay, it's your mod and your design philosophy, I just said about my preferences. Though it would be nice if you make the SMG dissolve a bit slower :wink:

Ps. Where is the current crafting list? I used the one from the first page of the thread (

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 1:59 pm
by -Ghost-
Sure, here's a more up to date crafting guide:

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:54 am
by OfficialYeen
I've run into a strange little bug regarding favoriting weapons. When I have both an axe and knife on me and I favorite the knife, pressing the quick-change favorite weapon key brings up the axe instead. Favoriting the axe works as intended, and favoriting the knife works when there isn't an axe in my inventory. Also worth noting is that the axe is still brought up instead of the knife regardless if the axe had ever been favorited prior. I hope I explained that well enough. Unrelated, but what function does sprinting serve? It doesn't seem to make me move any faster, so I'm at a loss as to how it's used.

On another note, I haven't played this since beta 0.51 and I'm absolutely thrilled at how it's been changing and refining! I can't praise y'all enough for putting so much care into LiTDOOM!

EDIT: fixed some spelling errors, added the thing about sprinting

Re: [V0.57 5-10-21] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gamep

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 6:27 pm
by -Ghost-

THanks for the bug report, I'll let the rest of the team know! Here's also a little teaser of our newly sprited pistol:

New plasma rifle: