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Re: Nightshift v2.1 (01/12/20) Stable changes

PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2021 6:18 am
by Ferretmanjcdenton
Hi ...the link for this amazing map is offline ..can someone please re link it ?

Nightshift is an atmospheric game after all. So downloading a few ambient mods may expand the experience beyond the scope!

Ambience Sounds by me!
Disruptor texture pack by me!

Project Malice Enemies by The Blue Savior
Dark Doom by Caligari87
Immerse by Josh771
Ambience Music by Hellstorm Archon***
Simple HUD Addons by Tekish
Numerous Monster packs!

Edited version by user Adam! It features a neat map located on MAP01! (Based on Nightshift v1.6)
[quote="Adam"] ❗this one ❗

***Don't forget to turn the music back on in the Extra Menu!