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Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 6:54 am
by Ferretmanjcdenton
Your right...give me more screams and especially MOOOORE blood ;)

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 1:41 pm
by Lagi
I give you all my blood, for more you can adjust NashGore slider :), Im "balancing" the bloat (hope it would be better now)

uploaded [need test - dont download]:
1. When you pickup crossbow you receive ethereal (not mundane). If you touch ghost, you lose ethereal and receive mundane crossbow (only way to get mundane crossbow is to touch ghost).
2. afrit is quarter less likely to spawn from gargoyle fire death
3. golem is half less likely to drop grenades, when die
4. knight is half less likely to become headless or legless
5. helm grant 5 armor (instead 10)
6. sphere 60% reduction of elemental dmg (inst 80%)
7. ice shard suck radius affect player 5x less
8. gauntlet remove suck effect. faster punching (jabs are -4 tick faster 4/35 sec, hooks are 2/35 sec faster and do +5 min dmg)
9. nerf armor

when you take damage % of it is reduce from armor instead of player health.
"point absorb" is amount of damage that is fully remove from armor, before % (take 20 damage on hauberk : 20-8 = 12 -> 50%=6. Armor -8-6=-14, health = -6).

10. single axe hit once per swing. axes are faster, but inflicting less damage. Still its enough to often 1 hit zombie or gargoyle. [plan is to force player to throw Axe if he want to deal more damage]
11. sword block faster (10 tick -> 6 tick). sword do more damage (5x hit per swing, the side one are dealing now (30-45)->(35-65 dmg)).

12. Krater of Might - increase attack speed:
  • mace - little speed improve (like 5 tics?)
  • axe - very little (its like 2 ticks, but still feelable)
  • gauntlets - like 50% speed increase - its quite OP.
  • staff poke - double poke speed (no swing change, to alter gameplay from swinging into poking)
  • hammer, sword, trident - it double or more the attack speed

13. shield pickup logic improve . Shield grant only 10% passive damage reduction if wield.
14. sphere allow to hurt ghosts.
15. Iron Lich fly, blast away in melee, close eye to deflect all projectiles, shoot 3x per attack (open mouth) frequent (still his projectiles need upgrade)

16. review monster damage - monster damage formulas have been unified.
new monster damage table. Still easy, but damage from monster is harsher.


Iron lich is flying now, This make the fight at end of episode 1 harder.

Ironlich is now blasting corvus away if he come too close.
Ironliche is shooting his projectiles more frequently.
Ironliche is deflecting all projectiles when he close eyes.
update wound code for maulotaur and ironlich

UPDATE test episode 1:
shadowsphere works good allow to kill ghosts even with non magic weapons - player power only increase
Axe is significant faster, but the damage is comparable to what was before. Damage of axes need to be reduce more. I aim to use it for throwing more often.
Armor is much rarer. And dont provide insane protection as before. Shield with 50 points work good. 20% of passive damage reduction is too much. I would reduce it to 10%.
Knight is too often head or legless, it was fun, but becom annoying to me, I know that each time I would have to finish knight. This to reduce.
Krater improving weapon speed work ok. only overpower so far are gauntlets punches.

New damage table. Is maybe better distributied but still its the same walk in the park. Only knight is a threat. Part of the problem is that I know all the tricks with grenades, and when I face mulitple monster, I decimate them with granades. So usually i fighting with few monsters. Because of that i feel only the strong blows.

Lich is better. But still is too weak. Crossbow with penetration is especially effective against him. I think I make him cast Repulsion, each time he is hit. So salvo of multiple projecitiles has high chance to be repel. Also lich projectiles are a joke. Whirlwind is disable by shadowsphere, ice ball is just 1 projectile, it not homing or anything. Same with fireball line, how can you not side step verctial line?
good points he is flying, so when you out of wings, you cannot just reach him so easly. Second if you come close he just push you back, so painlocking him is less effective.

I was today in high focus mode - dont know why, maybe I expect it to be hard finally? Nothing can touch me. I die twice - once I move into my own gas from mushroom. And once i was crushed by the 5x "keyboards" in the Crypt level, just before the throne room (after 3rd door key), zombie block my passage (what a smart move).

there is too many supplies on levels :| . It has no chance to be a challange.

same damage table, just other adjustements lets check episode2 tomorrow.

fix key radious - you cannot pick up key in E2M1 on teleporter
remove some errors from console

IRONLICH droping krater is powerful item now. So lichwill only drop mirror.
Sabreclaw is always hitting with both slash, contrary to Golem who land only 1 punch because he is slower. I will redece sabreclaw damage.
Axe lower damage, feel like unfair nerf, after month of being a dominant weapon. But it force player to throw axe, and kill on place one of enemies, which is cool!
Weredragon were ok, but with more damage and how often they occur on map, i think i will reduce their HP back to 220.

finish episode 2.
its ok. im tired of this game :(

torch is useless as pick up artifact. its never too dark, and you just take torch from walls. replace with wand crystal
lich height is not equal to sprite height, but im afraid to fix it, because some Liches may be place in corridor with low ceiling, and poor head would be stuck.

weapon player dmg

concepts behinds weapons:

    mace - i like mace as weapon a lot, even if its a poor Hexen weapon, that nobody use. It just look raw, primitive and efficient (it scream: "the swords cannot open this can? here ends the finesse") - like a medieval tool. It make no fluff sens for heretic. Even lore state that Corvus come to City of Damned armed only with staff.

    shield - medieval theme need shields, like guns need reloads. Doom is a lot about avoiding projectiles, what is/was the natural defense against arrows? You lose shield because its part of mod philosophy (everything ends). Losing it with depleting armor ; shield grant armor - no more Armor points = no more shield.

    Gold wand - iconic. I very much dont want any hitscan nor rapid fire weapons. Such weapon properties creates the impression of reskinned guns. Reloading crystals - is logical that you pickup multiple crystal and then replace them on wand. Now is more directly shown. Staff is just the other end of Eleven Wand.

    Axe - its used by monsters, was in Hexen -obvious. Axe thrown is fun and a natural game thing, same as dual wield. It duplicate Mace role, so my balance idea is to make it lowerdmg-fast weapon with relay on axe thrown to deal more damage, kill something on spot.

    Gauntlets - iconic. Who doesnt want to punch with it? Its purpose is a healing. You low on HP, switch to gloves. Overheat, allow finding new pair to be sensible (pistol start is not a default game play mod).

    Crossbow - iconic. Penetration so its railgun - work different. Rare ammo, cause its a melee mod. Finding new Xbow and losing for a ghost - came from the fact there is multiple crossbow find in each hub - its underwhelming when you cannot find tressures in next levels. Losing crossbow is an annoyance, but this is thing like self damage from rocketlauncher - nasty suprise that you cannot avoid sometimes.

    Tome of Power - Tome of Ice rather. I need ice weapon. Its present in the lore, I dont like the "win-button" artifact - this is conclusion. Shotgun like, slow shot. Slowing down. If freeze monster you can kick them for quick-kill. Ice wall is a defense option - block monster passage, hide from projectiles.

    Hammer - heavy melee weapon, has obvious face. Maulotaurs use hammers. Its like rocket launcher I guess? Exploding hammer flame fallout is doing most damage, so it s good to hit a ceiling - it change the bazooka shooting philosophy still being sensible. Its melee swing is the slowest, which come into a matter only if you playing at the highest levels, surrounded by monsters.

    Trident - is weapon use by Ophidians. Using enemy arms make sens.

    Sword - in every game sword is a shinning, mystical, ornamented garbage. I want clean, non magical weapon. Wide swing hitting & killing many monster upfront. Blade get nicks and break, so finding new sword is always a treat.

add Pistol Start option [def. true] - heretic is design to be a pistol_start even more than Doom. What now with access to double-crossbow? It was copy-paste concept anyway :) use shadowshpere to upgrade crossbow.

Ophidian is now shooting immediately instead crawling to player

.. after reading Sjukob feedback again and playing FinalDoomer:

- so Pistol_start is how all the levels mean to be played (Unfortunately Quest for the Crystal skull require to accumulate blue skulls).
& this is a good setting, because it remove the abundance of items. Still there is too many of supply, but it improve the situations.
this change some ideas:
the main reason with losing weapons, is that you finding them again in next levels, pistol start satisfy that need and each new weapon find again is a joy.

gauntlet - dont need to explode with pistol_start. If you find new pair you reset overcharge, still great. If not, then some risky high overheat manuver would be nice.
Hmm im not adding any more "effects". I dont want to. Its enough novelty already. Its contrary to mod theme.

healing is only at green, if you overcharge you cannot shock till the heat drop down to green.

xbow - without multiple xbow pickup, the grade system losing sens. Shadowsphere could upgrade crossbow one level. This will keep the mechanic & also allow pistol start access to double xbow. [ done ]

tome of power. the ice projectile should be released in longer period of time, instead long charge time.
alt fire will freeze single monster in close range, if there is none then create ice wall

Spoiler: trident - add parry? no
trident is heavy dmg melee with big range, shooting long range. its melee weapon with lack of block as weakness.

the block logic should be upgraded to some more sensible:
maybe puff detection that return to monster stun if player has a blocking inventory? this is tricky

shield can just use shieldreflect instead spawing blocking actor in front
for melee it could just take the damage with % of the damagefactor
also melee attacks would be stun only at the very first second of shield cover

monster need to be more aggressive OR do more damage. Yeah on paper first option sounds so good, but that means reducing telegraphing, less time for player counter. Great gameplay - eating all attacks, hoping you wear enough armor, and spam fast enough healing items.
more damage is attractive because Player start to be afraid of monsters. Which also is not so great because it reduce the will to come close to monsters. Projectiles more damage, melee stay as it is?

different monster should be differently design. to allow different approaches. That need a big study.

1. different pain time. Faster weapon (gauntlets) can stun lock single monster. (knight low pain, golem high pain). monster need to be relatively tanky to survive long enough pain to make it a difference. Knight being high pain susceptible make no sens, he literally fight without head (or legs).
2. different block stun time. Monster can be not affected by block, this make him powerful melee unit, that bash player despite his parries. (weredragon)
3. weak melee (push back only), good range. So its good to come close, so the monster dont shoot harmful projectiles. (disciple, ophidian)
4. strong melee, no range (sabreclaw - fast melee in this case, his fast moving also)
5. multiple weak monsters, or single tough ( possessed mass of monsters, ... weredragon is also common on maps :/, making one tough monster is not a problem, problem is he occur too often on maps already). Wendigo & DeathKnight could be tough guys, tougher than they now & they are rare enough. Killing them with some tricky method - freeze+kick, some heavy damage.
6. we have also Wendigo & DeathKnight & Afrit for some little more variety of style.

7. I could add knock down sprites for monsters. Zombie and Gargoyle already has it. This way Knight could be resistant to pain, but could be easily knock down. Some monster could be not knock-able - ophidian because he has no legs. Disciple because he is levitating? Wendigo because he is frost to ground. Some weapons could be not able to knock down monster. From grenades only Tar would be able to knock down monsters, maybe Mushroom could put them into sleep?

Mace could knock down, Hammer (he is op already, plus its killing on spot), mundane crossbow, staff poke, trident shoot.

throwing grenades too fast one after another is odd, and overpower. Time delay between throws. 20 tic as always is this time ok? too slow? too fast? dunno, its not instant at least.

torch - include 1 at start? Torches on walls are everywhere, but if you always has one then you dont have to remember about taking them from walls (stupid micro labor). its still better to go without torch to have block on mace. Going everywhere with torch as default, would remove the purpose of using torch in dark places. And harm the visuals, And weaker CPUs with integrated cards :).
Maybe add 5 torches per level start, and thats it? no pickups. Or just 1 torch and more can be taken?
stop, wasting time on meaningless things


shield different code. To reduce shield cover effectiveness against melee. [no block stun?! block stun from shield bash]
shield stun only in the first cover frame, if you hold shield cover, it would not block stun monsters. This make non-shield blocks better in this aspect - not sure if its game-breaking? (shield is worse in defense than block with weapon).

block code - different approach. by puff of monsters. current solution works, only ice shatter is an issue. im lazy now.
play&test - damage of monsters, PC weapons.
knock down - study what is need
make bitter compatible with QfCS as pistolstart not worth

knock down- need min 5 frames + it need raise up animation as well. week of drawing about.

zombie - ok
gargoyle - ok
afrit - rare, no need. Could be knock into a ball? quick gargoyle frames recolor (black + some flames)?
golem - need draw
armless golem - need

knight - need draw (death animation reuse?)
headless knight

disciple - death animation reuse sprite
wendigo - need
sabreclaw - need
weredrago - death animation reuse

if I start knock down. Do Golem for start, and then Knight . Golem occur more often than knight.

fix door key bug

play4 maps of episode 3 with Wand Start
monster are a bigger threat. game is harder. I need to use some tactics. Good improvement.

-still not sure if axe dmg shouldnt be lower? axes should drop a little more often, to compensate for the thrown use
-shield block is good, create niche for weapon block. and covering behind shield is not invulnerability.
- lich combat is interesting. I think his blast in melee, is little cheap. But it prevent the melee exploit. Maybe melee blast will give player more time to deliver some blow.
- sword damage is too low. increase the min damage, so weaker creature die at once.
- monster should enforce some more tactic. Knockback from some weapon would be good. need to study weapon and monster again with my new experience.
mace has kickback - need test. if its ok, i give pushback also for trident projectiles, mundane crossbow.

- book primary fire is better. I think I could add break of spell in the middle if key is not press.

-book alt is glitchy, it freeze rarery some monster, but in general i want this freezing to be more reliable.

- need to read feedback again, to catch some more things to repair.

- grenade thrown delay, is excellent. The super dull tactic of throwing dozens of grenades at once dont work. You just throw ONE. Excellent.

- ophidian fire sprite has pixels to correct, he also dont attack with melee now?

- gauntlets are better. Use of punch is justify, to give time for cooldown.

- not sure about book. In term of Pistol_start. The morph should not remove book? yes, chicken morph is not removing book

- i throw Egg at DeathKnight and he deflect it back at me :mrgreen: I turn into chicken, that was brilliant.
- I think iron lich should resurrect monsters. This require some work with Raise code for each monster.

- the ice ball from book, could create trail behind. Like wendigos. Not sure if it completly duck up visibility?

- Lich ice ball have to look more impressive. This single ice ball looks pathetic as boss attack. Maybe it spawn ice shards trail as it fly, not only on crash? This way it could be the hard to avoid damage. while fire ball easy avoid but bigger damage.

-change weapon numbers: 5 sword 6 trident 7 hammer 8 book 9 crossbow

---- ok uploaded [ing]

now to playtest some episode.

i play half episode4 and some maps:

Lich is less pulling everything back, shoot 2x not 3x.
Lich is not deflecting projectiles until his wounded.
Lich is droping Krater (mirror was cheap escapes)
Lich tornado is doing less dmg, and is slower.
Lich sprite height fix (no ceiling clipping)
add lights to trident fire
fix golem double death when he lose arm sometimes

I think game is ok. Difficulty, the options, balance. Someoone else would have to judge it. I quite enjoy, even though i cannot look at heretic anymore :D

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:05 pm
by Lagi

*shift is toggling hiding weapon without the rope visuals. the running is + 0.1 (10% faster) [i want to do hold shift to sprint, release shift to draw weapon, but give up on bug]
*mace, hammer, staff swings are using the hexen autoaim behavior
*sword attack is areal, instead of projectile in arch spawn

*+10tics to stun for all monsters (little time, maybe i would add even more)
*mace swing is 3 tic faster (little faster after block, if adrenaline hits you, you may notice :) )

todo: add the warrior from Mellow Heretic

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 1:50 pm
by Lagi

improve running (when press shift), it was buggy because i didnt test it before.
sword areal attack deal 15 dmg less
add music collection of Yuki Mikazuki - sorry guys its 230 mb now, hope you are not downloading from Vladivostok - but honestly its nice, improve a lot experience
add monster : warrior from Myth Fallen lords

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 3:23 pm
by Colerx
Looks very good! Thanks!

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 3:56 pm
by Lagi
thanks man, any complains?

warrior has bug when he hide behind shield and you stun him with block, he sometimes is lock in immortal stage (he need to cover behind shield again, to become mortal again).
warrior other direction start to bothers me, i guess its time to launch and correct his foot position for other angles.
warrior deaths could be in each direction - this would be some new quality, and i think im able to find other (too bad Tyr is gone with his color adjustmenst).
warrior gib death, could has some sound
warrior could has second sprite for front direction pain state, because he looks repetitive after while of blocking him.

block could be fixed to not shatter ice corpse
Iron Lich on custom maps is annoying with his constant force repel from melee range. I think i limit that a bit.

running with lifted barrel now crash often the game

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:06 pm
by Colerx
Lagi wrote:thanks man, any complains?

I'll try the mod as soon as I can! Just discovered it, and it's looking great!
I'll let you know :)

Lagi wrote:warrior has bug when he hide behind shield and you stun him with block, he sometimes is lock in immortal stage (he need to cover behind shield again, to become mortal again).
warrior other direction start to bothers me, i guess its time to launch and correct his foot position for other angles.
warrior deaths could be in each direction - this would be some new quality, and i think im able to find other (too bad Tyr is gone with his color adjustmenst).
warrior gib death, could has some sound
warrior could has second sprite for front direction pain state, because he looks repetitive after while of blocking him.

block could be fixed to not shatter ice corpse
Iron Lich on custom maps is annoying with his constant force repel from melee range. I think i limit that a bit.

running with lifted barrel now crash often the game

EDIT: I gave it a quick try, just a few levels and tested every weapon, what you have already listed wich I noticed as well, you are completely right,
The mod feels very good, you did an excellent job also with burning freezing and poisoning :)

Btw I have a problem when running, I hear just a clicking sound dunno why, (actually using gzdoom 0.4.5)
speaking about sound, when burning zombies with the hammer for example, they begin paining playing the sample sound effect repeately and quickly (like WOWOWOWO) the sound is nice but maybe should slowed down a bit if possibile, or maybe add a further one?
Musics are very nice!!!
For my taste, could melee weapons attacks such as Mace of Contrition, Timon's Axe and gauntlets maybe speeded up a bit? I guess could feel more bloodthirst like gameplay! using double axes would be a blast!! (if they become too OP maybe reduce damage, using rambo cheat I noticed that gauntlets were more fast, what depend that from?)
The tome of power is doing freezing ice only right? Maybe could possible to add fire as well? would be great!

For the moment that's all I got, I'll go playing some more into the game asap.. great job!!

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:44 am
by Lagi

hmm... i dont hear anything when i run (4.5.0 also). There was a chain like sound in previous version, when you hide weapon (it supposed to be a sound of fixing items, and releasing hands free).

zombie for me its fine.ok i reduce one WO. nah... its sound worse. WOWOWO sound better as burning pain.

No, speed of melee weapons is slow on purpose, they do tons of damage. And if you kill target is split of second, blocking enemy attacks make no sense

When cheated you gain lots of items, also a code items, that are used to for increase attack speed when you use Krater of Might. I suggest using "summon sword" or gauntlets, hammer, axe, trident ... command in console.

The speed of running in Doom is too fast. I know you need velocity of jet fighter on some maps, to avoid boring moving there and back. Currently speed of hiding weapons is too fast, and you can utilize running in combat - which was not my intention.

tome of power is tome of ice - yes. No, fire is cover by hammer (and torch), and I dont want to make more weapons graphics. I better spend my time in drawing monsters frames.

instead playing vanilla campaigns, which are too easy, and episode 1 doesnt have all items. try this:

its great for one shot. And each time you can try different level.

(there is also sold soul, hymn, crystal skull).

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:14 am
by Colerx
Lagi wrote:better spend my time in drawing monsters frames.

Yes! indeed weapons are well developed and enough in number and in variety, some monsters yep probably need some further work in graphics. maybe some weapon could need some smoothing too if you find the time also for them :) but maybe not necessary

For the rest, ok good! I'll investigate a bit more in the game then :)

Lagi wrote:instead playing vanilla campaigns, which are too easy, and episode 1 doesnt have all items. try this:

its great for one shot. And each time you can try different level.

(there is also sold soul, hymn, crystal skull).

Many thanks, well I'm not completely new in doom/heretic/hexen mods and cool custom campaigns but only recently I'm going deeper into them, I definetly needed something like this, cheers!

Lagi wrote:hmm... i dont hear anything when i run (4.5.0 also).

yes my bad.. that sound was caused from another mod I wanted to add (the gearbox weapon wheel), removing it fixed the clicking sound.

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:46 pm
by Lagi
bitter already has weapon wheel included
you need to bind it to CapsLock key only

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:24 pm
by Colerx
^^ Cool!

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:25 pm
by Doomguy914
Very cool mod. I have a few suggestions and issues I'm seeing. Primarily, a crash involving picking up items. You can have any weapon equipped and hit shift to put away your weapons and then when you pick up a barrel, if you let go of shift, you instantly crash to the log. It doesn't CTD.

Melee combat feels very all over the place. Sometimes a punch will send an enemy flying, while other times it won't even register a hit. I was on "Defiler" difficulty and everything I hit just crumpled immediately aside from Undead Warriors. Flying Gargoyles took only one hit with the mace to kill most of the time. Also with the scope of this mod so far, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to add some sort of fatigue mechanic so you can't constantly just swing your weapon like a madman.

Gauntlets of the Necromancer: I noticed that if you overcharge the gauntlets they deal very little damage to you in exchange for quite a bit of extra damage. It'd be rather simple to just run around the map with a massive buff to little cost, at least for the first episode. Maybe it falls off later against tougher enemies. (I also tried this buff with DarkDoom enabled and noticed you get a rather convenient source of illumination while buffed. Nifty little happy coincidence.) Also as I noted, melee damage does quite a bit too much damage already before the buff.

I didn't get to try out too many weapons of the mod, only played the first two maps of episode 1. Saving real exploration once I find more compatible settings and can get a nice recording of the gameplay. I do (for once,) like the pistol start settings of this mod. It really adds a unique take and consideration into how you will start out, (usually I rush for a torch first chance I can get so I can burn zombies and they won't reanimate.) Or at least it feels like they reanimate. I didn't get a chance to see it happen, but I would constantly get flanked by a swarm of them. Would be pretty awesome if that swarm were actually causing a panic moment, instead of me just blindly swinging and holding down the melee button.

This mod definitely can overshadow a lot of others in its scope on combat and atmosphere. I like the music replacement as well. Gives it a more ominous vibe. I'm definitely gonna get a lot of mileage out of this mod. Keep up the amazing work!

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:12 am
by Lagi
Thanks for feedback.

Im aware about barrel bug. Thanks for precising when that happen.

Yes, the combat balance is just approximation, i twist the stats as I play. I never put a much thought to it. I focus on drawing and coding.
Only zombies are knock back, because other monster dont have this behavior (and grahpics for it).
Difficulty is affecting only element on the map placement (except very hard - which add respawn, and very easy-auto healing use and key visible on map TAB).

Fatigue sounds interesting. However its another element to balance. Take into account, that custom maps are much more challanging than vanilla episodes. (f.ex. i would need to nerf IronLich because noone using them as boss on custom maps).

Melee damage is too big. Because I have trauma from vanilla heretic (and hexen) and his overly sponge enemies. PLUS custom maps are flooded with enemies. I admit something is off with damage and HP of monsters.

I record video with OBS studio.

Zombies have 50% to reanimate, if they are not gibbed. how this panic moment suppose to look like? Zombies are there just as a "filler", or weakest enemy, or ammo wasters.

WIth bitter i achieve more or less what i want. I know it could be better, but I am out of ideas, and Will to invest time into it (it take months for me to draw all the extra frames for all monsters).

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:20 am
by Doomguy914
Ah, okay. Zombies are nothing more than fodder. I can see that now. Honestly I could probably make combat more panic inducing just by selecting fast monsters. It's a very small gripe.

As for the fatigue, I can only imagine how difficult that would be to code and implement.

For the pick up crash, If you want, I can run this again and try picking up barrels and explosive pods with various weapons equipped and see if it replicates the crash exactly or pukes up a different crash log.

I use OBS as well. Very simple and highly customizable. In fact, OBS allows you to have an entire customized overlay using assets from images, and features in OBS itself.

Edit: If it helps with the crash, I'm using GZDoom version 4.4.2

Re: Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:29 am
by Lagi
ok, i can make zombie Fast, will see how it plays out.
Fatigue was done in HexArcana - i can just copy that.

nah.. i have enough info about barrel bug. Im just lazy and stupid to solve it immediatly.

if you like math (and RPGs), you could compare the monster and weapon stats and suggest "How it should be". This would help me the most - if I agree with your vision :D .
Post Here
and Here - under spoiler: Monster Comment