Ac!d's Eriguns 1.9b

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Re: Ac!d's Eriguns 1.9b

Postby Ac!d » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:18 am

SMG54321 wrote:Yeah but every time i pick either the regular shotgun or the ssg, a message pops up saying "You unloaded the shotgun/super shot gun!". To be fair i do have the auto shotgun set to appear in vanilla ssg locations, but it's hard for me to get through the first map of some of my favorite wads (D2TWID, UltDoom2, Biowar, ect) with only a machine gun and dual pistols.

Laid wrote:Crap... Just as I was starting to enjoy myself with your mod, I get crash after crash. Apparently, it always happens when I am dual-wielding pistols. :?

I will remove the shotgun spawn mode for the next update. For the pistols, I've already made some fixes.

For the moment, I need time for a request and stuff for the next finals updates.
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